Jack In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jack | Jack Sentence

  • Mitchell put in the jack of diamonds.
  • Give jack and plug symbols.
  • The action of the jack is the same in all types.
  • The jack fishing is very good all the way.
  • A jack was make with equal skill and speed.
  • A jack was made with equal skill and speed.
  • Daddy shook his head as he jumped out to jack up the car.
  • Anyhow, there were coyotes and jack rabbits.
  • The jack plane is the proper tool for this work.
  • We used him to catch jack rabbits with between meals.
  • I had one more jack in my cuff, however.
  • And where is Jack now?
  • But Jack was not there.
  • Molly and Jack were not there.
  • But you know how Jack is.
  • But Jack did not answer.
  • Suddenly Jack started.
  • Presently Jack again halted.
  • Captain Jack shrugged.
  • This convinced him that Jack had been there.
  • Before Jack came here!
  • Meanwhile Jack had come up.
  • Then Jack turns once more.
  • So is Jack in some ways.
  • But Jack was not through yet.
  • Abdallah Jack sprang out.
  • At this Jack was silent.
  • Would Jack be a comfort to you?
  • It was the Jack of clubs.
  • The Jack of diamonds.
  • Even then Jack did not forget me.
  • But Jack was not noticing.
  • Tom and Jack knew that.
  • Howard sent for Jack at once.
  • Captain Jack smiled again.

How To Use Jack In A Sentence?

  • Captain Jack turned on him.
  • Captain Jack grinned at him.
  • Captain Jack considered.
  • Captain Jack hesitated.
  • So now Jack was to try.

Definition of Jack

(Australia) Tired, disillusioned; fed up (with). [from 19th c.] | (transitive, slang, baseball) To hit (the ball) hard; especially, to hit (the ball) out of the field, producing a home run. | A jackfruit tree.
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