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  • What was there to expect when jacks were set in office?
  • What is the advantage of associating jacks and drops?
  • This kid should learn to play jacks or skip a rope.
  • Drew started for the Four Jacks to meet Nye.
  • Thousands of Union Jacks and Tricolours of France.
  • The jacks were connected to a high-pressure pump in the power-house.
  • Cato opened it on jacks up on treys, and caught another jack in the draw.
  • Symbolic representations of plugs and jacks are shown in Fig.
  • The drops and jacks are mounted in strips of five, and arranged in two panels.
  • The jacks and blocking supporting the caisson are shown in Fig.
  • He had three deuces face up and Carmody had three jacks on top.
  • These drops and jacks are usually mounted in banks of five, as shown in Fig.
  • I told him that I had--and with jacks and ten spots.

How To Use Jacks In A Sentence?

  • There are two general methods of arranging the drops and jacks in a switchboard.
  • Then he recalled seeing automobilists lifting their cars with jacks to put on new tires.
  • It was true, the lumber jacks were rough when they came down with the log drives in the spring.
  • A perspective view of one of these combined line signals and jacks is shown in Fig.
  • They were Jacks of all trades, weaving their own cloth and making nearly everything they needed.
  • What's needed to carry on this war as it goes to-day is an ar-rmy iv jacks an' mules.
  • But the Four Jacks serves a pretty good meal and keeps a couple of beds for overnighters.
  • One of those jacks hit me on the head with a club, and I guess I just got groggy.
  • Countless Union Jacks were displayed in every village along both shores of the Lough.
  • Mr. Digby Jacks wept, and, at the doorway, threatened to drown himself in the Thames.
  • In this figure views of one of these combined drops and jacks in three different positions are shown.
  • The humorists of the woods have it that the cookee pries up the sun when he jacks the big pot out of the bean-hole.
  • Steeple jacks attracted crowds by their perilous antics, in order to start the bidding for subscriptions.
  • But also he had often opened jacks only to be mercilessly deprived of them amid the unfeeling and brutal laughter of his companions.
  • It will be understood that such symbols may be greatly modified to express the various peculiarities of the plugs and jacks which they represent.
  • Temporary rings of iron lining were erected across the shaft in order to furnish something for the shield jacks to shove against.
  • On the opposite side of the flat were many small tents, and around on the hillside some mules and jacks were feeding.
  • He put his handkerchief to his lips and turned away to cough, laying the two jacks face downward on the table.
  • As early as the year 1400 claviers had appeared whose strings were plucked by quills attached to jacks at the end of the key levers.
  • The bearing brackets for the hydraulic jacks were attached, as at the south shaft, to the inside of the cutting-edge brackets.
  • As the jacks lifted the caisson, the blocking was set for a lower position, to which the caisson settled as the jacks were exhausted.
  • While shoving through soft ground, it was frequently difficult to apply sufficient power to the lower jacks to complete the full shove of 30 in.
  • If those jacks were the kind that would play traitor to the camp they were working for, they would double cross Barrows to save their own skins.
  • There is no dust and no crowd and no noise, and no policemen springing out like Jacks from boxes; and they let you go forty miles an hour.
  • These are employed in diagrammatic representations of circuits and are supposed to represent the essential elements of the plugs and jacks in such a way as to be suggestive of their operation.
  • The various lines centering at this point terminate in the combined drops and jacks on the switchboard, of which there are 20 shown in this illustration.
  • A correct idea of the fundamental principle involved in these may be had by imagining a row of simple switchboards each containing terminals or jacks for its own group of lines.

Definition of Jacks

(games) A children's game involving picking up objects while a ball is in the air.
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