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  • But Jake caught his bridle.
  • But Jake ignored the interruption.
  • It was at this point that Jake displayed his quality.
  • But Jake had agreed to trade a melon for pills.
  • The threat, however, produced from Jake only his wolf grin.
  • While Jake muttered behind her, Lee stood thinking.
  • All you have to do is to wire to Jake when you're coming.
  • Wouldn't Jake give a lot to have such a bosom as that?
  • The admonition was not required, for Jake was always thorough.
  • Sliver spoke, as Jake bent to stuff the lingerie into his saddle-bags.
  • Well, you've known Jake Horton as he was.
  • After Jake had eaten, the Three sat and smoked till the doctor came down.
  • While Jake took away and tied their horses, Bull gained his position.
  • Keith, having quieted Dave, looked to see that Jake was not much hurt.
  • Mr. Jake will correct Mr. Bull; and Mr. Sliver, Mr. Jake.
  • Poor Jake the fisherman's wife, down in the cottage on the shore, you know.
  • But already Jake and Sliver's rifles were barking like hungry dogs.

How To Use Jake In A Sentence?

  • But it appears to me that the longer Jake wears a thing the better he likes it.
  • Instantly Jake raised his gun, but there came a roar and rattle of stones and hoofs.
  • She had never been prettier than when, reining in, she looked back at Jake as he came up!
  • Returning home at sundown, Jake saw them driving the cattle along a shallow valley.
  • Sliver was almost as terse in describing his defeat to Bull and Jake that evening.
  • But while he floundered, beating his brains for a second excuse, the crafty Jake supplied it.
  • This was no more accomplished before Jake and Sliver rode up, driving the horses ahead.
  • Not until Jake woke up when Bull entered the bunkhouse did his secret thought find expression.
  • By the time Sliver and Jake returned the sun hung like a red-hot ball in the smoke of the horizon.
  • She had already made a deep impression on both big Jake Dennison and his younger brother Dave.
  • When Gordon reached the stable Sliver had already gone, but Jake had lingered to say a word.
  • It war too good to keep; an' wen it got roun', Jake war as mad as a March hare.
  • At any other time one of those epithets would probably have produced a retort that would have tumbled Jake out of his saddle.
  • The necessities of dealing faro-bank had trained Jake in the labial manipulations of his fat native cigar.
  • The first thing he did, after he made the acquaintance of Jake and his partner, was to change his place of abode.
  • Two of them were still puffing cigarettes Sliver had placed in their mouths while Jake adjusted the nooses.
  • Bob and Jake looked at each other, and something told them not to believe all that Claus had said to them.
  • Bob and Jake were there, and no one seemed to pay the least attention to them; but they were impatient to learn all the particulars of the case.
  • As his glance returned to Jake and he felt the danger that loomed imminent behind his cold truculence, the instinct of defiance wilted.
  • When he reached the coach door Jake Dennison and another man were just on the point of helping in one of the women.
  • They were within easy rifle-shot and Sliver was drawing an experimental bead when Jake knocked up his rifle.
  • I took a kind of a trial trip out to sea for a couple of hours, and cremated Black Jake in his own furnace.
  • While Jake thus orated, Sliver's expression of obstinacy was leavened by fleeting hope.

Definition of Jake

(slang) Adequate; satisfactory; acceptable. | (transitive) To play a Discordian prank on (somebody), involving a large number of people sending bizarre letters or parcels to that person. | (US) A juvenile male turkey.
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