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  • From this place I made an expedition of thirty miles up a very fine valley, much of which is irrigated and cultivated, by an ascent of 2500 feet to the Gal-i-Bard-i-Jamal, a pass 10,500 feet in altitude, with a tremendous descent into an apparent abyss, from whose blue depths rise the imposing mass of the Kuh-i-Shahan, and among other heights Faidun, a striking peak of naked rock, superimposed on a rocky ridge.
  • 282; night alarm, 283 Gal-i-Bard-i-Jamal Pass, ii. 26, 36 Gal-i-Gav Pass, ii.

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  • That pass, the Gal-i-Bard-i-Jamal (the pass of Jamal's stone),
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