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  • It had been jammed in an accident against the piano.
  • The hall was jammed to the doors.
  • Papers were jammed in these without regard for order.
  • The receiver was jammed closer to her ear.
  • And he jammed a wad of flimsy down into his pocket.
  • Graham jammed the torpedo lever back.
  • The doors were jammed open by the warping of the deck.
  • McKeogh jammed on the brakes.
  • Drew jammed the Colt under his belt and ran.
  • Snatching up a stake close by he jammed it in between floor and crosspiece.
  • The hill people were jammed about the door and in the street as he came out.
  • The hall was jammed to the doors by a curiosity-moved crowd.
  • Boyd jammed on the brakes and the Lincoln came to a screaming halt.
  • They saw it coming, jammed on full speed, and nearly cleared it.
  • In silence the girl put on her trench coat, jammed on her hat, and was gone.
  • I once jammed my nail at the bottom, and I expected to lose it.
  • This he jammed against the lady's face, even cramming it between her lips.
  • The cave's entrance became jammed with them, and no riot ever made more noise.
  • I wouldn't trade a roomy planet like this for the jammed cubicles of Earth.

How To Use Jammed In A Sentence?

  • He tried to remove it, but the turning of the switch had jammed it against the rail.
  • Keith flung himself against the crack, jammed his arm into the broadest part of the leak.
  • Well might the ferrets rush wildly for the fireplace and get hopelessly jammed in the chimney!
  • This jammed it diagonally across the river, and it was half an hour before it could be moved.
  • He jammed the accelerator down, dove headlong, flattened out and streaked for home.
  • Then, with its base jammed into a crevice, it was lowered by the rope across the chasm.
  • He jammed his hat on his head, and picking up his rifle, hurried from the room.
  • What the killer said was muffled as Tonto jammed a knotted cloth into his mouth.
  • The Embassy was literally jammed with fretting men, and weepy women and children.
  • A group of women have jammed themselves into a corner between the cathedral and the hospital adjoining it on that side.
  • He thanked heaven for that as he tore away a boardlike piece of apparatus and jammed it over the leak in the jar.
  • The falls of the first boat jammed when she was four feet from the water, and she had to be dropped into it with a splash.
  • Some of them had their hats on the backs of their heads, and some wore them aslant, and some jammed over their brows.
  • At other parts the path was jammed out to the wall-edge, to be stepped round with a gulp in the throat.
  • Bert brought his machine to a standstill with a jerk, the back tire skidding as he jammed on his brake.
  • Sometimes, the strangers who jammed in gave me new and interesting lines of inquiry, and that was good.
  • Its stern, being still afloat, was swung round by the force of the wind and jammed against the opposite bank.
  • The crowd poured into the hall to its full capacity, jammed the entrance ways, and gathered for blocks in the street.
  • A carriage passing by jammed against the nag, which caused him to break from the man who was leading him, and in his fright throw me off backwards.
  • The platform was jammed with happy guests, bright and cheerful and ready for a day of steady, hypermediated fun.
  • The next moment he had leaped half across the room, jammed back the lock, and ripped the door wide.

Definition of Jammed

Stuck. | Overcrowded; congested | simple past tense and past participle of jam
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