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  • Only the swing and jamming of the struggle held me.
  • A quiet day; no jamming since last night.
  • He's been jamming me for fifteen minutes.
  • Trust a woman for jamming through the devil's business.

How To Use Jamming In A Sentence?

  • So with unusual promptness he acted, jamming himself once again into his hiding place.
  • Now they were driving down and, as Salter had said, jamming at the head of the rapid.
  • He was deploring the fact that the jamming of the ammunition hoist had deprived his gun of its supply of shells.
  • Thurston the construction of a pass through which saw-logs and driftwood might slide without jamming between the piers.
  • I have always thought that nothing but that providential jamming of the helm just then saved us from intercepting both of those mouldies.
  • The captain saw him on his post of observation, jamming the end of his flagpole down between two rocks.
  • Lorry glided forward and in an instant stood before the amazed fellow, jamming a pistol into his face.
  • There was a little jamming of the ice occasionally during the day, but only of slight duration, then all was quiet again.
  • He had been long in the water, and the jamming of the cattle was enough to wear out a horse built of ship timber.
  • How cruelly, any man will know when he recalls his first jamming against the granite door-posts of the world.
  • I sprang to my feet just as the professor, jamming on his spectacles, leaned forward and slammed the cage door.
  • Quick as a flash, she grasped the man's felt hat, jamming it down on his head over his eyes.
  • I went back to the station a month later, and saw her jamming in the sphere with a guy who had three extra sets of arms depending from his hips.
  • By digging, and jamming wood, sacking and straw under the wheels we managed, after three-quarters of an hour, to get it out.
  • The two does, snorting at his approach, backed abruptly into the doorway, jamming Jackson against the doorpost.
  • Then he fixed himself comfortably on the chest by jamming himself against the bulkhead, locking his hands about his knees, blowing smoke in a thick cloud.
  • Why should an expert thief trouble to make these marks or to suggest that the safe had been broken open, even to the extent of jamming the lock in some way?
  • And it's so much it doesn't mean anything at all to me one minute, and another time I wake up at night and feel it sitting on me, jamming me flat.
  • Miss Becker swallowed hard, jamming down and pinning into a small taffy-colored turban, her hair, the exact shade of it, escaping in scallops.
  • I had just before seen all the port-holes crowded with seamen, trying to escape, and jamming one another so that they could scarcely move one way or the other.
  • Another jamming on of brakes brought us to a standstill at a cross-roads; another huge mine-crater was in front of us and it was most difficult to see until we were well upon it.
  • A man might travel about quite as untidy as Nebuchadnezzar when events were jamming him, but his horse was rubbed and cleaned if the heavens tumbled.
  • We placed them on the inside of the ditch, propping them up with others, until we had a dozen up, when we began to throw in the dirt around them, jamming it down with a maul.
  • The terrified creature headed round again, jamming me against its companions, and when my horse backed clear, one of my legs felt as though it were broken.

Definition of Jamming

(slang) Great; awesome. | present participle of jam | The act or process by which something is jammed.

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