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  • Why seal the jars of preserved fruits?
  • Fill into all-glass jars and seal while hot.
  • Remove and cool and dip the top of jars in melted parawax.
  • His father sells water-jugs and jars made of porous earth.
  • Pour into sterilized jars and adjust the rubber and lid and seal.
  • Fill in sterilized jars and adjust the rubber and lid and seal.
  • Put it into small jars and cover with clarified butter and seal tight.
  • I only put up twenty-two jars of 'em on that account.
  • Fill into jars and then process in a hot-water bath for twenty minutes.
  • The milk jars are washed with hot boiled water and turned upside down to dry.
  • In the very centre we buried two jars of water, to guard us against thirst.

How To Use Jars In A Sentence?

  • Oh what a blessing those jars are to all the people of this hot and dry country.
  • Pour over the oysters into all glass jars and then seal and set in a cool place.
  • Pour into jars or jelly glasses and thin out with cream or evaporated milk when using.
  • There are game birds and fish and wine jars all pictured here in beautiful colors.
  • Fill into sterilized all-glass jars and then fill the jar to overflowing with boiling water.
  • Up and down the road were little stands on which were set forth glasses and jars of amber sweet.
  • The mixing of solutions should be done in one of the glazed earthenware jars commonly in use.
  • And therein are mixing bowls and jars of stone, and there moreover do bees hive.
  • The waggons of jars would be run in, and culture added to each jar by a sterilised pipette.
  • Merle was in the pantry, with a big apron on, ranging jars of preserves on the shelves.
  • Frequently the upper edges of the jars are coated by dipping in hot paraffin wax in the hope of preventing this.
  • It is about 2 feet wide and is usually stored with unthreshed rice and millet or with jars of preserved meats.
  • To avoid this heating effect it is necessary to have spare jars or proper tanks in which the shavings may be soaked in water.
  • The tread of this wild, intoxicating, heated midnight dance jars all the moral hearthstones of the city.
  • Two jars half filled with water are provided for the cleaners, and as the seeds are detached from the pulp they are sorted and graded on the spot.
  • Arranged along the outer wall, and about 2 feet high, is a board shelf on which the water jars are kept.
  • Swarthy shipmen ran up and down the planks betwixt quay and ship, balancing their heavy jars on their heads as women bear water-pots.
  • Fill into crocks or jars; cover closely and set in a cool place, or fill it into all-glass jars and adjust the rubber and lid.
  • Behind, two apprentices whirled the wheel, another glazed on the black varnish and painted the jars with little red loves and dancing girls.
  • Let stand for one hour and then fill into the sterilized jars; fill jars with boiling water; adjust the rubbers and lids and partially seal.
  • Take equal quantities of fruit and cane-sugar; boil quickly half to three-quarters of an hour, then put into hot jars and cover well at once.
  • He would take eggs in payment for his visits ... or jars of preserves ... or fresh meat, if the farmer happened to be slaughtering.
  • The fireplace held masses of goldenrod, and blue jars holding wild asters crowned the mantel, the tables, the piano, and the wide window sills.
  • In the domestic apparatus the milk is usually incubated in covered jars in which it can be kept until required for use, and the practice on the larger scale should be the same.
  • Thus phosphorus burns in a current of the gas, while antimony and arsenic in the form of a fine powder at once burst into flame when dropped into jars of the gas.
  • If ordinary jars are used, and the coagulum is left until the following morning, the mass of rubber has to be cut up into pieces of a size suitable for the machines.
  • The mouths of the jars were covered with flat stones, and the water would last long enough to satisfy at least the immediate necessities of the inhabitant of the tomb.
  • If these jars you speak of cost nine francs instead of nine hundred, I couldn't, I tell you.
  • On the large scale the treatment of the milk would take place entirely in the jars in which it would be sent out, and the sterilisation and incubation would be conducted in different pieces of apparatus.

Definition of Jars

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of jar | plural of jar
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