Jason In A Sentence

How To Use Jason In A Sentence?

  • He kept his back turned to Jason while he drank.
  • Very symbolic, Jason thought.
  • Their sameness struck Jason for the first time.
  • They came up a natural seven and Jason smiled.
  • Only old Jason seemed capable of rising to the situation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jason | Jason Sentence

  • And at that Jason faced about to them.
  • Only then did Jason explain.
  • Suddenly Jason was very tired.
  • Then Jason was alone.
  • It was close by and Jason walked there.
  • Others stared at Jason as if he were mad.
  • Yet Jason felt no fear.
  • With each question he shook Jason again.
  • All Jason could do was stare.
  • Which was just the way Jason wanted it.
  • Then Jason was alone on the plain.
  • But Jason did not move a feature.
  • But Jason made no answer.
  • But Jason gave no sign.
  • A door opened and Jason went in.
  • Again Jason questioned with the same lack of results.
  • He turned to leave but Jason called after him.
  • Then Jason could bear up no longer.
  • Except the wounded man Jason had helped.
  • She realized for the first time what Jason was doing.
  • But Jason went on with an awful solemnity.
  • Kerk nodded agreement and Jason went on.
  • He made no mention of what Jason had said.
  • While he looked at it Jason made his offer.
  • None of them looked up at Jason or asked his business.
  • She would go to Jason in his prison.
  • Unconsciously Jason shrank back in his seat.
  • Brucco had left Jason to practice alone.
  • They quieted when Jason raised his hand.
  • At that Jason pretended to look about him in dismay.
  • Kerk swarmed up it and Jason followed glumly.
  • But how would Jason consider such a move?
  • For the first time Jason was silent.
  • Guilt leaned on Jason and stifled his mouth.
  • Again Jason knew a lot depended on his answer.

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