Jauntily In A Sentence

Definition of Jauntily

In an airy, showy, or affected manner. | In a dapper or stylish manner. | In an ostentatiously self-confident manner.

How To Use Jauntily In A Sentence?

  • He picked up the staff and tossed it about as jauntily as if it had been a slender cane.
  • He lighted a cigarette and jauntily left the room, greatly satisfied with himself.
  • Besides being rather jauntily dressed, he wore too much jewelry to suit my taste.
  • She wondered whether he was sick; but he jauntily waved his stick at her and went on his way.
  • So he jauntily swaggered towards the maid And put out his hand to the bridle-rein.
  • We had set out blithe and merry, riding jauntily down the wild valley of the Tongue.
  • He strode jauntily to the verge of the board, and held his finger for Margarita to follow.
  • Not three weeks later the French vessel came jauntily into the harbor of Malta.
  • She continued to tingle after he had jauntily departed with his basket and clattered away in his delivery wagon.
  • Then the forge was suddenly throbbing with the zigzagging of the bow of the violin jauntily dandering along the strings.
  • He was not more than thirty-five, and was dressed rather jauntily in a suit of light-colored clothes.
  • But to the score or more who saw that spiral of smoke dissolving jauntily into air, no such thought was possible.
  • Cartwright sighed, then took a tighter grip on the swagger stick that he carried jauntily in his right hand.
  • A chuckle broke from him while he stood jauntily fingering the diamond in his tie, as if it were some talisman which imparted fresh confidence.
  • A panama hat of expensive make sat jauntily on top of his head on which curled close, heavy black hair.
  • On his head sat jauntily a rusty beaver and his face, especially the nose, was of a rich crimson hue.
  • He lifted his hat and bowed jauntily to the waiting-room window, making it plain that his keen eyes had discovered them instantly.
  • He thrust his hat upon his head, pulling it down over his ears because of the rough wind, and walked forward quite jauntily for a few yards.
  • For that night, in a light breeze, the two ships lay close together, the schooner riding jauntily astern.
  • A red squirrel, his tail carried jauntily over his back, sat on the topmost peak of it and shrilled high derision at the wanderer as he approached.
  • A red squirrel, his tail carried jauntily over his back, sat on the topmost peak of it and shrilled high derision at the wanderer as he approached.
  • He carried his head very jauntily in the air, had a swaggering style of walking, and was, above all else, remarkable for his extraordinary height.
  • Next, Braine jauntily upset all the plans for the marriage, which he and Helen had so laboriously formed.
  • A handsome French straw hat was set jauntily on one side of her head, and her long curls hung over her white neck and shoulders.
  • He walked into the office jauntily and presented Miss Grant with a club sandwich neatly done up in waxed paper.
  • Ware came stalking up jauntily and confidently; but Jumbo, instead of skulking, was up, and at, and on him like a wildcat.
  • But let not the unwary jauntily suppose that Shakespeare herewith hands him his passport to Paradise, and thus permits him speech among the chosen.
  • He wore pongee knickerbockers and red silk stockings and on his curls jauntily rested a peaked velvet cap from which a heavy gold tassel fell over upon his shoulder.
  • So, jauntily swinging his cane, he marched into the office of the Credit Lyonnais, went into the inner room and explained his business.
  • It was so heavy that it sagged from the handle as he bore it in front of him with both hands, so no one was deceived by his heroic efforts to carry it jauntily and make it appear that he did not notice the weight.
  • He was a short, chubby man, with a Dixie goatee, his flannel shirt negligee, and a wide-brimmed straw hat jauntily set on the back of his head.
  • He bore his poverty jauntily and held his head so high, and looked at the world so fearlessly, that it would have taken courage indeed to have accused him of being in need.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jauntily | Jauntily Sentence

  • He stepped forward jauntily to help her down.
  • His hat was rather jauntily placed on his curly red hair.
  • And to prove this, he began jauntily descending the steps.
  • With a wave of her hand Penny walked jauntily off.
  • Sophy lit another cigarette and strolled jauntily through his suite of rooms.
  • Instead she jauntily waved a whole arm backward and upward to the pilot-house.
  • The barber walked jauntily away, leaving me standing sullenly alone.
  • Presently Peter came jauntily stepping along the field path up the hill.

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