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  • Jingle was no longer jaunty and impudent.
  • His jaunty air was gone.
  • I waved a jaunty hand.
  • And yet the face had lost the old jaunty hardihood.
  • He rose awkwardly, all his jaunty self-confidence gone.
  • Our jaunty Jack enjoyed the worship that came to him.
  • His voice was jaunty and he feigned not to see her distress.
  • Jingle's jaunty air gained him a number of introductions.
  • There was nothing left of the sailor's jaunty swagger.
  • These elements were jaunty and prosperous, they were accustomed to triumph.
  • He turned in the saddle, smiling at her with jaunty insouciance.
  • The band on the pier was playing a jaunty selection from a comic opera.
  • It was a jaunty party, evidently under the influence of many libations.
  • But you will not fail to notice that Walter is not his ordinary jaunty self.
  • But the ice-boat was as fearless and as gaily jaunty as Siegfried.
  • The pimp entered the presence of Toemon with confident and jaunty air.
  • Luckily, I was not tempted to make the jaunty entrance my mood prompted.
  • His jaunty air amused me, and I moreover fancied I recognized his features.
  • Evelin made a dignified Antonio, and Dot Mead a jaunty Gratiano.
  • Fay's expression was jaunty on the surface, agonized underneath.

How To Use Jaunty In A Sentence?

  • Greg was as jaunty as though he had not an unkind thought toward anyone in the world.
  • We have striven to make our head-gear look as jaunty and fresh as was possible.
  • His jaunty fighting bearing and unfailing good humor are a constant inspiration.
  • Go downstairs with a gay and jaunty air, as if you had no connection with the old firm at all.
  • The flowering spray in his buttonhole seemed part of the jaunty new suit which so became him.
  • Snipe and curlews were wading with jaunty step and absorbed inquiring gaze in the shallow pools.
  • He donned a jaunty space cap he had often worn on pleasure flights to his outlying holdings.
  • He raised his hat with quite a jaunty air and strolled off forward, puffing his cigarette.
  • Then, with a resumption of his jaunty cheerfulness, he smiled straight into the unfriendly eyes.
  • There was a cavernous wardrobe, a great fireplace invaded by a new and jaunty iron stove.
  • She turned, tossed away the flower with a jaunty gesture, and continued, her shoulders swinging.
  • A jaunty dash of brilliant red upcrests itself upon his head, lighting up his quiet dress....
  • Lanstron saw there a florid, jaunty gentleman in riding-habit, gloves on knee, crop in hand.
  • Colby entered the hotel, jaunty as ever, and Arthur met him and introduced him to the girls.
  • This was the sort of consolation that used to be offered in the jaunty days of Lord Palmerston.
  • It was interesting to see how the jaunty indifferent gnats would act when settling down to plain matters of business.
  • My friend raised his hat and gave it a jaunty and cheery swing in the air as if to wave goodwill and happiness.
  • We must glance for one instant at the capstan, which was just behind where the jaunty young cadet was standing.
  • The men took up the trail with as jaunty a step as when they first marched to the northward, long years before.
  • Nellie was clad in a light summer dress, with a pale blue sash which matched the trimming of her jaunty hat.

Definition of Jaunty

Airy; showy; finical. | (by extension) Characterized by an affected or fantastical manner. | Dapper or stylish.
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