Javelin In A Sentence

Definition of Javelin

(transitive) To pierce with a javelin. | A light spear thrown with the hand and used as a weapon. | A metal-tipped spear thrown for distance in an athletic field event.

How To Use Javelin In A Sentence?

  • And he rose in like manner on his javelin and came down heavily on it, and it pierced his heart.
  • Presently the man, whom we rightly guessed to be the king, raised the great javelin in his hand.
  • Great was the anger of the Moorish king, and he raised his javelin to strike the messenger dead.
  • Him with a javelin the swift-footed son Of Peleus smote as he was hurrying by.
  • His massy javelin quivering in his hand, He stood, the bulwark of the Grecian band.
  • Perchance the javelin of one angry word, One nod, would slay, and I should die unheard.
  • Ariamenes gave a toss of his princely head, and with his left hand plucked the javelin from his shoulder.
  • Most of them were farmers, with scarce enough knowledge of military affairs to distinguish a javelin from a flagstaff.
  • Lycon poised his light javelin thrice, and thrice the slim dart sped through the leathern thong on his fingers.
  • He paid dearly for his victory, however, as a wound from a javelin deprived him of the sight of one eye.
  • The hoop and javelins were always made by the youths who joined in the sport, and the making of hoop and javelin was part of the fun.
  • If the javelin passes through the hoop and stops it so that it falls on the shaft below the band that was cut thereon, that throw counts two.
  • At the distance of twenty yards the executioner hurled his javelin full into the back of the great bull; a roar ensued and a frightful leap.
  • He flung his javelin of wit through the buckler of ignorance, bigotry and tyranny, exposing their rotten bodies to the ridicule and hate of mankind.
  • The javelin is grasped by the middle, the barbed end toward the back, and the plain rounded end is shot toward the hoop.
  • It was Gallardo, who had thrown himself off his mare, abandoning the javelin to grasp the jacket which he carried on the pommel of his saddle.
  • I saw, even at this immature period, that no other writer could cast a javelin with half the force of Homer.
  • Hornets never argy a case; they settle awl ov their differences ov opinyun bi letting their javelin fly, and are az certain tew hit az a mule iz.
  • The writer said they were beginning happier lives in which the awful terror of the javelin and the club, and the horror of demons and witches was gone.
  • The radiance they volleyed was not continuous; it was broken, so that the javelin rays shot out in rhythmic flights, each flying fast upon the shafts of the others.
  • The maker of the old stone tools never polished his implements; nor did he fashion any of those finely wrought arrowheads and javelin points, upon which his successor prided himself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Javelin | Javelin Sentence

  • No doubt he meant that javelin to reach her.
  • To-day your javelin saved me from death.
  • The javelin pierceth . . .
  • A javelin singing from the hand of Adherbal flew at him.
  • Tear from your heart the remains of the javelin evil planted there.
  • His third had splintered his second javelin as it hung quivering.
  • The youth flung his javelin at the sow from afar with a steady hand.
  • He therefore taught them first of all to forge javelin and arrow heads.
  • The javelin is made of three parts, the shaft and the two barbs.
  • On the Persian side the superiority lay in their archers and javelin throwers.
  • When thou camest to my dwelling, did I meet thee with a javelin in my hand?
  • A woman's shriek flying thin and high like a javelin of horror.

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