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  • I had some twinges of jealousy about that.
  • A demon of jealousy was driving him.
  • I confess that a pang of jealousy shot through me.
  • For the time his own jealousy must be suppressed.
  • Neglect would not rouse her; jealousy might.
  • Perhaps it was rather a passive jealousy which he mistook for hatred.
  • She could love with fierce jealousy herself, and so understood.
  • I'll make the princesses bite their lips with jealousy to see your jewels.
  • Ferdy's jealousy was set on edge, and he now began to talk about Norman.

How To Use Jealousy In A Sentence?

  • The most maddening of all jealousy is for a woman that one is not in love with!
  • Diffidence and jealousy are human failings, that bring many a trouble in their train.
  • Bowles could read the jealousy and distrust in his voice, and he saw it was time to speak up.
  • But there was no depth of jealousy in her true tender nature, only little ruffles on the surface.
  • Something seemed to check the boy, as a pang of jealousy shot through his fervent young heart.
  • Joe wondered what his relationship to Nadine could be, a twinge of jealousy there.
  • The amount of petty jealousy excited by what my friends call my "successes" is beyond belief.
  • To the crazy exaggeration of his jealousy I was but one amongst a hundred thousand.
  • Love and jealousy were raging in my heart, but I had to choose between obedience and death.
  • She tried to think it no more than a pang of jealousy at seeing her own countryman snubbed by a foreigner.
  • It is constructive only so far as its antagonism to the great owner is more powerful than its jealousy of the state.
  • Thus subjugated, they are schooled from childhood in a creed of jealousy and hatred of other nations.
  • It was all black jealousy and resentment on his own behalf, and resentment against her as well as against the man whom she had chosen for herself.
  • It was known that there was a good deal of jealousy in the less distinguished portion of the class because of this sparkling group.
  • A fascinating-story in which love and jealousy play strange tricks with women's souls.
  • Their freedom from jealousy is equivocal, and may arise as well from indifference to the object as from confidence in her virtue.
  • This only aggravated my troubles, by increasing my passion, and awakening the jealousy of her parti-colored lover.
  • Of much worship is he, but stricken in years, and because of the jealousy he bears me he has shut me up between these high walls.
  • Russell and the others obstinately combated the point, urged thereto by youthful jealousy and wounded self-esteem.
  • We see no reason for this extreme jealousy of "second causes" either in the mental or the material world.
  • She only thought Westenra jealous with the natural jealousy of a man for the life he has not shared with the beloved.
  • Her beauty was near Holy and many men felt a jealousy within themselves when they just looked upon her.
  • They only increase the jealousy and put peace further away than before, unless there is real conquest, division, and absorption.
  • They are moved by ordinary human motives; love and revenge, jealousy and anger, rule in their breasts.
  • The brother took too much upon himself, and the jealousy and ire of the chief were aroused, and he ordered his brother to move out of the palace.
  • The other merely needs jealousy and bate, of which there are great and easily accessible reservoirs in every human heart....
  • This advantage of the latter society excited the jealousy of the Templars, and they were urgent with the popes to be allowed a similar privilege.
  • My pride, my trust were hurt but after that I can't ever feel that personal jealousy any more.
  • Murray's jealousy was, quite uniquely, not founded on any great depth of love for Anne.
  • Two financiers, known the world over, grew purple with jealousy when they first discovered that it was to go into the Sterling collection.
  • The service was, however, far more impaired by the insubordination of Landais, who evinced great jealousy of his superior.

Definition of Jealousy

(uncountable) A state of suspicious guarding towards a spouse, lover etc., from fears of infidelity. | (countable) A resentment towards someone for a perceived advantage or superiority they hold. | Envy towards another's possessions
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