Jeff in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Jeff

1. Old Jeff did not rear. 🔊

2. That brought Jeff round at once. 🔊

3. For a moment old Jeff hesitated. 🔊

4. Old Jeff back in the car heard it all. 🔊

5. The next instant Jeff was upon him. 🔊

6. Before the others came Jeff spoke abruptly. 🔊

7. But Old Jeff was moved to no such reticence. 🔊

8. Without doubt Old Jeff was frightened. 🔊

9. And Jeff Whiting shot Rogers. 🔊

10. They are stopping with Jeff Davis, I suppose? 🔊

11. Here, I am a bigger man than Jeff Davis. 🔊

12. At supper time Jeff was extra cautious in selecting and preparing the food. 🔊

13. But Evelyn had started away at a run, and Jeff was after her. 🔊

14. Never before had Calico and Old Jeff met a circus on the move. 🔊

How to use Jeff in Sentences?

1. Ten minutes later Jeff was able to announce that everybody seemed to be satisfied. 🔊

2. In the end the stew was dumped overboard and Jeff prepared an entirely new dinner for all hands. 🔊

3. In her face was written a concern for Lucy so tender that Jeff adored her for it. 🔊

4. By the time they had covered the long drive to the house Jeff was hoping Lee would stay a month. 🔊

5. Away across the yard, somewhere, Jeff was making those busy, restful sounds with the lawn-mower. 🔊

6. She rushed up the stairs, calling Jeff and Justin, but neither boy was to be found. 🔊

7. Nevertheless, when Jeff and Just heard the news, their disgust roused her to fresh rebellion. 🔊

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