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  • Dave watched Jerry at the lever.
  • Red Jerry still lived.
  • But your old Jerry you never forsook.
  • It was Jerry Dawson who had spoken.
  • One he knew to be Jerry Smith.
  • And Jerry Gullen thought so too.
  • I met Jerry Dawson and his father.
  • And of all men to let Jerry Alcorn escape.
  • The case of Jerry Smith was exactly what he had surmised.
  • But Jerry Smith maintained a bland interest in the game.
  • He had but one thought, to find Jerry Alcorn.
  • Another bad boy Dave had run across was named Jerry Dawson.
  • As he looked, Jerry Gullen and Bill Rann passed.
  • With a mocking laugh Jerry sprang into the bushes along the road.
  • Brooks was there, and Jerry and his father, and three more of the crowd.
  • In this way he anchored Jerry as a safeguard to windward, in case of trouble.
  • When Jerry finds he cannot surprise us, he will attack us openly.
  • The horse dropped like a stone, pinning Jerry for a moment to the ground.
  • In vain did Jerry and Billy try to stem the tide and rally the men.
  • Tom should be sent for, I told Jerry where he could probably be found.
  • I heard him call Jerry, and then Jerry groaned like he was half dead.
  • Therefore he was christened 'Red Precipitate' by Jerry Kellegher.
  • My uncle and old Jerry had gone in the buggy after Tom's horse and chaise.
  • In a running fight that took place, Jerry captured two of Jennison's men.

How To Use Jerry In A Sentence?

  • The expedition against Jerry was well planned, but he got wind of it, and scattered his force.
  • Dave and Hiram were left in the chassis, while Jerry and his father left the machine.
  • Thus speaking, Jerry and Billy rode back and in a few moments were followed by the other four.
  • Hours afterward, Red Jerry came creeping up from his hiding place, and found her.
  • Whoever was at the levers, Jerry or his father, thoroughly understood his business, Dave saw that.
  • Dave had succeeded him in the employ of Mr. King, Jerry having been discharged in disgrace.
  • If Jerry Smith was the soul of recklessness, he was the soul of honor, also, in many ways.
  • Now, Jerry was a Roman Catholic, none the less earnest because he had a merry way with him.
  • The winnings of Jerry Smith were carefully balanced against the losses of Ronicky Doone.
  • At the right moment McKeever approached Jerry and Ronicky, dark, handsome, smoothly amiable.
  • They conversed for some time, then it was arranged that Jerry should proceed to the settlement and purchase some provisions.
  • Then at a word from Jerry two of his men hastened them across the threshold, seizing them by the arms.
  • At one time there were grave complaints made about the light-hearted way in which Jerry handled his cases, and his practice fell off.
  • As he was speaking horsemen were heard approaching from the other direction, and in a moment Jerry and Billy rode up.
  • But he put by the temptation manfully, and came out by Jerry Gullen's front door.
  • As for the guerrillas, they felt when night came that they were safe; but Red Jerry was wild with rage.

Definition of Jerry

(dated) Jerry-built. | (ethnic slur) Alternative letter-case form of Jerry: a German.
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