Jets In A Sentence

Definition of Jets

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of jet | plural of jet

How To Use Jets In A Sentence?

  • As the hot coke is dragged along it is subjected to the action of jets of water.
  • The women were drying their eyes and uttering little jets of excited or thankful exclamation.
  • Fountains of bright water threw their jets high above the sweet-scented groves and shrubberies.
  • If a combination of several jets is employed, very large tubes can be constructed in this way.
  • He turned up the jets of the chandelier, and gazed at his friend, and was silent.
  • Now and then the surface opened, and jets of water as thick as tree-trunks shot into the air.
  • Usually he gauged the number of gas jets lit by the number of guests expected, one for each.
  • Slowly as they watched, thick jets of yellow vapour commenced to rise upward and all around.
  • To make this, wood pulp is dissolved in ether and squirted through fine jets into water.
  • The whole earth was black, and from every side rose columns and jets and streams of smoke.
  • Eric stood at her side; the flames flared and hissed, covering him with changing jets of light.
  • Jumping into the truck, he gunned the jets and roared off into the dark Martian night.
  • Instantly all along the advance trenches burst jets of flame and the vicious crackle and bang of the rifles.
  • He descended to the dining-room to find it lighted by the fifty or more jets in the large gilt chandeliers.
  • The brilliant gas jets and the incandescent lights in the show-windows are turned off in increasing numbers.
  • The beautiful gardens glowed in dazzling sunshine which the scintillating jets of the fountains reflected and intensified.
  • There seemed a pool of honey about his heart which lubricated all his speech and action with fine jets of mead.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jets | Jets Sentence

  • Flame jets were already shooting out here and there.
  • From the shadows came bright jets of flame.
  • The words came in jets as from a dying fountain.
  • Pep went out and set two jets going in the playhouse.
  • There he lay, delivering jets of information.
  • He started the mighty jets and began to engage the clutch.
  • It is lit by gas jets round the capitals of the piers.
  • About the skiff bright jets of flame cut the fog.
  • The jets of milk shot into the pail with an angry rapidity.
  • They ejected jets of fire, accompanied by much smoke.
  • The ground was literally starred with diverging jets of flame.
  • This could be from a flame coming from jets on the tips of the rotors.
  • The racket of gunfire and of jets made speech almost impossible.
  • He lit two or three jets of the corona over the reading-desk.
  • It was useless; the blood gushed out in blinding jets at each pulsation.
  • He told him of the small, shining weapons and their powerful jets of gas.
  • Some struck in flesh, but others dashed up jets of yellow foam.
  • No signal crackings, no thin jets or streams from the green immensity beyond.
  • The main jets roared and acceleration smashed down on Jason.
  • But using our jets might kill some of the Martians just outside.
  • Again came the jets of smoke, and again more Arabs dropped from their saddles.
  • The flames of the gas jets were dimmed, and Helen struck a few soft chords.
  • Gas jets affixed in a certain way to our ceilings are called "sun-lights.

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