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  • Dicksie lowered her head and gave Jim the rein.
  • Uncle Jim never asked cash or security of any man.
  • Paul took Jim off and put him back in his pocket ...
  • The nearest 'phone is at Jim Morton's.
  • But I was not done with Jim and the Cats yet.
  • It may be that Jim Wolf was as bashful as Harris.
  • But Jim Mason was getting ready to save Trouble.
  • I was too young to be of the company, and Jim was too diffident.
  • He glanced sidelong at Jim and quietly slackened his pace a little.
  • If Jim could see it now he wouldn't know it!
  • I was sent up to bed early, and Jim followed of his own motion.
  • This was part of the long, full-detailed story Jim had been telling.
  • Gingerbread figures, in the shape of Jim Crow and other popularities.
  • Howsever, her Jim took a fancy to our Rachel, and she to him.
  • And Jim and Joe both agreed that they didn't, either.
  • O' course thee'll git along," answered Jim patronizingly.
  • It was still raining, a fact which Big Jim seemed suddenly to discover.
  • Just outside of the door he met Jim Brown, man-of-all-work at the station.
  • Uncle Jim set a Big Ben alarm clock down on one of the spool tables for me.
  • I spun many yarns; among others the tale of Jim Wolf and the Cats.
  • There had gathered behind him Jim Humphreys, Harry Joslyn, and Gid Mackall.
  • And Jim couldn't bear to tarry in the neighbourhood; nor I neither.

How To Use Jim In A Sentence?

  • When she checked Jim she had ridden miles, but not without a course nor without a purpose.
  • She held her breath to listen, but before she could apprehend Jim leaped violently ahead.
  • People said that Big Jim never forgave any one who came between him and his whiskey bottle.
  • Every time Jim slipped I had a hope; but always on he crept and disappointed it.
  • As they reached the switch and passed a box car, Jim shied, and Dicksie spoke sharply to him.
  • And if he could not pay, none the less he needed to eat, as Uncle Jim also knew very well.
  • For answer she touched Jim lightly with her lines and his spring released her hand very effectively.
  • Allison looked at Jim as he passed with such a cold, unswerving gaze that in spite of himself the other dropped his eyes.
  • She could almost have touched him as he flew by, and a horse less steady than Jim would have shied under her.
  • Big Jim was a cowboy with a more than local fame for reckless daring, as well as for his unfortunate appetite for strong drink.
  • Harry had a pair of sculls, and Jim had a long oar, and between them they made the boat fly through the water.
  • When they were close to the edge of the breaking waves, Jim held up his hand, and the strain stopped.
  • Uncle Jim shifted from one large foot to the other, and thrust a great hand into the pocket of one trouser leg.
  • The postmaster and Jim watched the young man from the post-office door as he made his way up the one hilly street of the little town.
  • There was a wild scramble and a storm of shrieks, and Jim fled up the stairs, dripping broken crockery all the way.
  • There's a tremendous lot of work that Jim and I had mapped out for the spring and summer.
  • As he shuffled along he thought of how he had walked this way last year, with Jim at his side, on one of their rare outings.
  • There's Jim Monaghan handlin' that pick as if he was in the last stages o' consumption.
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