Jimmy In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jimmy | Jimmy Sentence

  • What if Jimmy was only seventeen?
  • Almost at once Jimmy chuckled.
  • Had Jimmy been killed?
  • This time Jimmy laughed.
  • Anthea and Jimmy were left alone.
  • He knew that Jimmy meant it.
  • He laughed when Jimmy said so.
  • But Jimmy had looked before he leaped.
  • That was more than Jimmy could endure.
  • All at once Jimmy extended his whip.
  • Now Jimmy was a true friend.
  • And to see Jimmy in the seminary itself!
  • Shirley bent over Jimmy anxiously.
  • Slowly Jimmy rose to his feet.
  • For a moment Jimmy himself was in a quandary.
  • For a moment or two Jimmy hesitated.
  • But Jimmy stood lost in thought.
  • This proposition tickled Jimmy immensely.
  • Here was a type Jimmy fully understood.
  • She also said that Jimmy had been very poorly again.
  • They all objurgated Jimmy for his luck as he drove off.
  • This made Jimmy angrier than ever.
  • For just a minute Jimmy saw stars.
  • As they steamed into the harbor Jimmy sent for him.
  • Now Jimmy can never be accused of being stupid.
  • Then Jimmy signed to one of the men.
  • Then Jimmy flung prudence to the winds.
  • At this moment Jimmy tried to sit up.
  • If Jimmy is guilty he should be put off the place.
  • But Jimmy was too loyal to tell what he had seen.
  • Jordan glanced at Jimmy in a fashion the latter understood.
  • He doubted that Jimmy could hear him at that distance.
  • And thus it was that Jimmy made a new friend.
  • At first Jimmy was half-paralyzed by misunderstanding.
  • With a skip and a hop Jimmy burst into the room.

How To Use Jimmy In A Sentence?

  • Your little Jimmy has got run over by the cars.
  • And Jimmy got his second piece of pie.
  • A noise at the window brought Jimmy to the surface.
  • She had never dreamed that Jimmy would come to this.
  • Jones stepped back and looked at Jimmy sternly.

Definition of Jimmy

To pry (something, especially a lock) open with or as if with a crowbar. | (plural only, dialectal, US, especially New England and Philadelphia) Chocolate sprinkles used as a topping for ice cream, cookies, or cupcakes. | (slang) A marijuana cigarette.
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