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  • Been a longer job with me.
  • Confess to that job with the books?
  • Make a good job with that scoundrel.
  • Dr. Sprague can do the job with ease.
  • Now I got a job with an inquiry office.
  • Got the job with His Tonsils?
  • In the autumn he might seek a job with Mr. Talbert.
  • He walked into the new job with a plenty of cocksure enthusiasm.
  • Singular as it may seem, it is almost as difficult a job with a two-inch plank.
  • If he has his nerve, and any luck at all, he ought to finish the job with one.
  • But how can you prove it was not a put-up job with the Corona people?
  • I got a job with the agent of an Italian firm to go north and buy skins.
  • As a matter of fact, Albert had effected the job with the butt-end of an oar.
  • Satan (the adversary) smote Job with sore boils from head to foot.
  • They could give a damn about her losing her job with the Attorney General.
  • That's why I took on this idiotic job with Madam Shuster.
  • Why don't you quit that man Prale and get a real job with a gentleman?

How To Use Job With In A Sentence?

  • She loved this change in him which a real job with real money had brought about.
  • Undoubtedly the gigantic Mongol could do the job with one hand tied behind his back.
  • Mary took a civil-service examination and got a job with the State Bureau of Labor.
  • After he had learned his trade he frequently walked thirty miles to a job with his kit upon his back.
  • It may be that she floored the Captain and that the other rounded off the job with that gratuitous touch.
  • It was probably his disgust at the fact that they were all 'overs' that determined him to close in and finish the job with bombs.
  • The driver was too much engaged with his plunging steeds to lend a hand, but he superintended the job with superb profanity.
  • Harden stood up to survey his and Jonas's surgical job with considerable satisfaction.
  • He accepts the job with ill-concealed horror, and the factory boys climb up on the roof of the main building and hoist a flag.
  • Ye know ye can't afford to lose ye'er job with me in this dilicate condition,' he says.
  • They suggested the idea to the critics, and the critics thought it an excellent one, and said they would undertake the job with pleasure.
  • She reviewed her past life, and she defended herself like Job, with her summary of self-righteousness.
  • Finally the captain said he would wait and send Job with a scout at dusk, and follow with the troops at midnight.
  • To be sure, he was out of a job, with never a cent in his pockets, his babies starving, and notice served by the landlord that day.
  • Kirgan was an old friend, as you might say: he had been on the Oregon building job with us and knew the boss through and through.
  • To cut it short I throwed up my job with the firm yesterday and have volunteered as an Ambulance driver.
  • And I wouldn't be none surprised if I could get a job with some other outfit, all right.
  • They were willing to wait for the third degree, it seemed, until the blacksmith had done a really good job with the new spikes for the Iron Maiden.
  • Any man who has done the job with his collar and tie on, knows that he is as pop-eyed as a lobster when he gets through, trying to keep the field of operations in view.
  • Izenberg, in Austin, had settled down into a UNIX job with a Texan branch of IBM.
  • Those whom I came in contact with had no class feeling, no ideas of grievances, no ambitions over and above the doing of an uninteresting job with as little exertion as possible.
  • About midnight we came to an end of our water, supplied each morning by a working-party detailed for the job: with more water we might have done worse than keep open all night and kill the bitter day with sleep.
  • Our merry neighbours, on the contrary, now once they have set about it, do the job with an air, and a grace, that shew us we are as drowsy in our desperation, as we are phlegmatic in our amusements.
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