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How To Use Jocular In A Sentence?

  • The eldest lady says weakly deprecatory things, and the feeblest male is jocular after his wont.
  • You see what I mean: in her anxiety she may have exaggerated some jocular remark.
  • Babson was less jocular with Una than with the bouncing girls who were natives of Harlem.
  • We were talking in the Gaelic, and he made a jocular remark there is no English for.
  • Or, when in my possession, The sun but wore, to all intent, A jocular expression.
  • The professor confessed in a jocular tone his impatience to complete the circuit of the globe and be done with it.
  • Our driver on this occasion was disposed to be particularly sociable, though not in the jocular way.
  • This was a jocular pleasantry, which only the hilarious mind of a medical student could have conceived.
  • He pretended to be exceedingly jocular and familiar with his pupils, but was really always on the alarm for his dignity.
  • He handled the topic in a tone of jocular humility, which but slightly concealed the vast complacency beneath.
  • Some of his works contain passages, written in a jocular strain, indicative of a bright and cheerful temperament.
  • In other days I had often been twitted in a jocular fashion by my friends about my membership of this particular club.
  • And Archie too understood, if the jocular and would-be easy manner in which he tried to drag her into the conversation again meant anything.
  • He was a jocular fellow with the right heart for a duello, and in his nipped burgh Gaelic he made light of the disturbance and his injury.
  • Then we began to converse together, on the subject of dinner, in a jocular way, however, rather than with any very great longings on the subject.
  • Being at last quite prepared, he one day appeared unexpectedly at the council in the Tower, and appeared to be very jocular and merry.
  • Cicely had declined the invitation, sending a jocular message to "little Rupert," which inspired him with laughter all day.
  • Mr. McLean, as stout and humoursome as of yore, had solemnly promised his wife to be jocular but not too jocular.
  • He appointed himself a sort of master of ceremonies, and handed to each man his mail with appropriate jocular comments designed to embarrass the recipient.
  • Notwithstanding their daily contact with the most appalling cases of disease and death, they come and go briskly with jocular greetings on the stair-ways.
  • He was jocular and pompous at the same time, and always made a pretence of being a long time in seeing the glass of wine put on the table for his refreshment.
  • And sitting down to supper, with their beaming faces around him, he thought of the beggar-boy only in connection with the jocular spite he had indulged against his neighbor.
  • In fact, the individual who is incapable of viewing the world from a jocular basis is unsafe, and can be trusted only when the opposition is strong enough to laugh him into line.
  • Inside them stood a number of the town loafers, all facing in towards the centre of the ring, and laughing and making jocular remarks to one another.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jocular | Jocular Sentence

  • It is conceived in too jocular a vein.
  • His manner was quiet and jocular again.
  • Joe grinned and began to look jocular too.
  • He feels quite jocular now that the strain is over.
  • Muse, jocular treatment of his, 203 ff.
  • Breezes of Jocular Sallies.
  • There is jocular Waggety-Weh.
  • He is even called to an account for every jocular and light expression.
  • Hood, on the other hand, is jocular in an airier and lighter-hearted fashion.
  • The Monk did not fall into the jocular trap by retorting in the same strain.
  • Cicero, in his letters, is occasionally very jocular on the English.
  • But really I don't know about the good taste of being jocular about .

Definition of Jocular

Humorous, amusing or joking.
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