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  • But of Joe up to the present there were no signs.
  • Graves came over to instruct Joe in the duelling art.
  • The sheriff and Joe went out together for a powwow.
  • He explained this to Joe Bevan.
  • Against this there was the evidence of Joe Bevan.
  • With Joe in his corner to direct him, he would feel safe.
  • And big Joe Kennedy laughed.
  • If only Joe Bevan would come!
  • He's quite a lady's mon, Joe is.
  • Occasionally Joe Bevan would push out his left glove.
  • Glancing back again presently, I found that Joe was right.
  • Besides, Joe Bevan continued to express hopeful opinions.
  • We ran late that night, and made much of Joe Goodman.
  • Mine Joe is tum 'ome!
  • So it was Joe who suggested that you should go down to Aldershot?
  • Injun Joe got drunk oftener than before, and became intolerably interesting.
  • This was a very different affair from his spars with Joe Bevan.
  • I wish that Joe was at home; we must get an early start to-morrow.
  • If only Joe Bevan had appeared he would have been perfectly contented.
  • Joe had said that Sheen was worthy to fight for his school, and Joe knew.
  • When old Dob feels his oats, poor Joe has a fearful time keeping up.
  • Then, almost unconsciously, he recalled Joe Bevan's advice.
  • He was not prepared for one of Mr Joe Bevan's description.
  • When Joe see it, says he, 'My word, there'll be a pretty to do!
  • I think that in "Tom Sawyer" I starved Injun Joe to death in the cave.
  • Boxing with Joe is all right, but you feel all the time he's fooling with you.

How To Use Joe In A Sentence?

  • And Joe lost nothing but a lock of hair, which he could spare better then than he could now.
  • There were, as Joe had said, lots of blackberries, as we found on reaching the spot.
  • With Joe Bevan and Francis there was always the feeling that they were playing down to him.
  • A quick glance toward the spot where I had left father and Joe showed nothing but darkness.
  • Creagan, we'll hold you and Joe for complicity and for conspiracy in Foy's case.
  • When Chook worked his way back to the corner, little Joe Crutch and Waxy Collins stepped forward.
  • With the knowledge, the recollection that Joe had gone came back to me with an unusual sense of aggravation.
  • Jessie inquired after they were seated in the cart, and while Joe was tucking the lap robe around her feet.
  • Jessie gave him the little bed-room off the kitchen, and there Joe established himself, to our great satisfaction.
  • Nelligan nodded assentingly; it was about the only quality in the world which he could have believed Joe stood in any need of getting a loan of.
  • He had gathered from our conversation that Joe was going somewhere, and, wherever it was, he was willing to bear him company.
  • It was, apart from the pecuniary relief that his coming had brought us, a great satisfaction to have old Joe again with us.
  • Jonah turned and walked in at the side door, leaving Joe with the uneasy feeling of the man who killed the goose to get the golden eggs.
  • Jessie assured him that she was well protected, and Joe and I followed her and her sturdy escort out to the gate.

Definition of Joe

(Scotland) Alternative form of jo (“a darling or sweetheart”)
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