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  • By John Edwards and Edward James Tabrum.
  • By John Edwards.
  • Rev. John Edwards immediately became his successor as a teacher.

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  • The Board gave $50.00 and Rev. John Edwards $25.00 towards the purchase of new lumber.
  • In 1884 Wheelock Academy was re-opened by Rev. John Edwards, who for a couple of years previous, had been located at Atoka.
  • The cordial welcome extended by Rev. John Edwards, Superintendent, and his wife and the teachers at Wheelock Academy, was one not soon to be forgotten.
  • When she arrived at Wheelock, where she met a friend, Miss Elder, engaged in teaching the Indians, Rev. John Edwards served as an aid, in making a tour of inspection over the field, of which she was to be the missionary teacher and physician.
  • JOHN EDWARDS Rev. John Edwards, the successor of Rev. Alfred Wright, was a native of Bath, New York.
  • The Mount Gilead church at Lukfata was organized July 26, 1885, by a committee of the Presbytery of Choctaw, consisting of Rev. John Edwards, superintendent of Wheelock Academy, and Elder Charley Morris, a Choctaw.
  • The appeal of the Choctaw Freedmen was presented to the Presbyterian Board of Missions for Freedmen by Rev. Alexander Reid and Rev. John Edwards, the missionaries in charge of the Indian work at Spencer and Wheelock Academies, respectively.
  • Locke was known for a Socinian as soon as his work appeared: Dr. John Edwards,[304]
  • 14 Alexander Reid, John Edwards 15 Biddle and Lincoln Universities
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