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  • The johnny had dismounted when we arrived.
  • What does Johnny say?
  • But Johnny had ideas of his own.
  • Scab Johnny was short and to the point.
  • Little Johnny in the rubber market it was.
  • Archie and Johnny were utterly confounded.
  • And why may not Johnny love me?
  • What was the name of the Johnny who had a lamp to rub?
  • And Johnny shall go to the fair.
  • So Johnny yielded the right of way.
  • You can think how pleased Johnny was to hear these words.
  • Hunt told me what you said about Johnny taking your papers.
  • This time Johnny jumped clear off his doorstep.
  • You wanted me to let you know how Johnny is this morning.
  • And Johnny shall ride to see his grandmother.
  • A scene followed such as Johnny had never before witnessed.
  • And Johnny shall ride till he can ride no more.
  • The old Johnny seems full of pretty fancies.
  • It is not Johnny but Jno.
  • So it was with Johnny Chuck.
  • But Johnny Chuck was afraid.
  • Then Johnny Chuck gasped.
  • Once more he tickled Johnny Chuck.
  • Common sense, Johnny thought, and he laughed again.
  • Compare with Johnny cake in Bailey.
  • Every one was shouting for Johnny Chuck.
  • Then he sprang straight at Johnny Chuck.
  • Presently Johnny Chuck fell asleep.
  • Stay where you are, Johnny Ludlow.
  • By and by along came Johnny Chuck.
  • Now Johnny Chuck is not naturally a fighter.
  • And all wanted Johnny Chuck to win.
  • Finally Johnny Chuck ventured to peep out.
  • What do you say, Johnny Ludlow?
  • Why did everyone say Johnny Shannon was a boy?

How To Use Johnny In A Sentence?

  • Rennie on his way to Johnny Shannon ...
  • Of course Johnny Chuck heard him and whirled about.
  • Before he died he told the yarn to Johnny Black.
  • When he saw Johnny Chuck he stopped abruptly.
  • Smee whispered, fidgeting with Johnny Corkscrew.

Definition of Johnny

(Britain, slang) A condom. | (New Zealand, derogatory) An inexperienced new worker, usually an immigrant. | A hospital gown: a gown with a back opening closed with snaps or ties, worn by hospital patients.
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