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  • He was not able to join them.
  • I am to join him there tonight.
  • They were forced to join in the flight.
  • Duncan had roughly ordered him to join his company.
  • Do not join independent clauses by a comma.
  • He made a signal for his comrades to join him.
  • Men flocked daily to join our standard as we marched.
  • Lawrence decided to join the expedition under Foster.
  • To him they told the story of going to join Poindexter.
  • She laughed rather mirthlessly, and Joan did not join her.
  • For he, I know, will join in transport with me.
  • The company was hastening to join Porter at Paris.
  • I'm from Shelby an' on my way to join Porter.
  • Do you then join him, fool? DEM.
  • We 'uns are on our way to join him.
  • I'll join some society at home.
  • Do not join independent clauses by a comma 11 6.
  • It didn't in any way join on to my impression of Margaret.
  • Shaffer thinks I am making for the woods along the Grand River, to join Cobb.
  • Yes; I'll join his, and my name and example will be really of some use then.

How To Use Join In A Sentence?

  • But she had to call him to her side in so many words before he ventured to join her.
  • They thanked Frank for his timely help, and asked him if he would not come and join their party.
  • He was yet ten miles away, and it would be impossible for him to join Guitar before morning.
  • Al nounes that wil join with a substantive ar called adjectives; as, gud, high, hard, sueet, sour.
  • When Colonel Clay went away he left orders for Mark to join him in Arkansas on his return.
  • That submerged and isolated curriculum did not even join on to living interests where it might have done so.
  • I was too feeble to join in the enterprise, but hoped to improve the opportunity to escape when the work was done.
  • Passionately he begged both to relegate traditions, suspicions and prejudices and join hands for the common cause.
  • I dare not join myself to you in a bond which could never be severed, however aggravated might be my misery and your sin.
  • It was pleasant to be in a big camp again, to join a large mess, and get the latest news from headquarters.
  • An attractive proposal had been made to her to go abroad and join some friends of hers for a London season a year or two before.
  • Of course he could not refuse this summons, and immediately led her to join the dancers, scarcely regretting that the set was nearly finished.
  • The tempter had so far gained his end that he had made Frank disinclined to join himself at present to the body of stanch abstainers.
  • He was also allowed the privilege of taking Brant along with him, should the chieftain be found willing to join his force.
  • There they drew to her a group of young men and women who were bound for England to make their fortunes, and who persuaded her to join them.
  • His military career of active service commenced by his being ordered, with his regiment, to join the army in the Netherlands.
  • They were all on their way to join Thompson, who was now in command of the forces which had captured Independence.
  • Matters did not reach the shooting stage, but it was only after it had been demonstrated to him that the game was up that he consented to join his companions on board.
  • A consultation was held, and it was the unanimous opinion that they should keep on and join McNeil, if they could.
  • Then, at the sight of Stephen leaving the Culpeper house, she leaned out and waved to him to join her.

Definition of Join

(transitive) To combine into one; to put together. | (intransitive) To come together; to meet. | (transitive) To come into the company of.
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