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How To Use Joins In A Sentence?

  • Trees frequently have curly grain at the base where the trunk joins the roots but not elsewhere.
  • The night the dance closes everyone joins in a hilarious time in the dance lodge.
  • A small stream that joins the Ettrick near Selkirk, on the south side of the river.
  • The Count rides on beneath tall olive trees And joins the messengers of King Marsile.
  • No man can say how far he will go, who joins with those who are avowedly going to the utmost extremities.
  • That will never do; so he scrambles himself back to where his branch joins the trunk; and stands with lifted rod.
  • Such curliness may be related to the shortening of the curve where the root joins the trunk, thus causing distortion.
  • If he joins the league, the rest will follow his example; but he is also the most honourable of men and the best of husbands.
  • Sweden, joins Russia, Denmark, and Prussia in the Armed Neutrality of 1800, ii.
  • So there it lay out of sight and the water running freely through the joins till there was one tank, and my bedding beside it, floating!
  • When he joins the family circle, wife and children have to be busy and silent, the only noise allowed being the rustling of the newspaper he reads.
  • His estate joins my little place where you are coming to stay with me," said Eve.
  • I noticed careful attention being given to the public reading of the Scriptures, and the congregation joins heartily in the singing.
  • On the 13th, we passed the first running stream that joins the Morumbidgee, in a course of more than 340 miles.
  • Whosoever parts company with the Church and joins himself to an adulteress, is estranged from the promises of the Church.
  • The Horse clan came from the Fork of the River, where the Sweet Briar joins the River of Stones.
  • Je joins à cette lettre l'acte d'accession de la Hollande, qui vient d'être signé.
  • Thus we speak of "a war of words," of a person "plunging into the fray," when we mean that he or she joins in a keen argument or quarrel.
  • Just then Righteous, who had the sharpest eye amongst us all, pointed to the corner of the wood, yonder where it joins the brushwood thicket.
  • He joins in all their enterprises, after being consulted on the subject, and having a sacrifice offered to him, which renews the union of the clansmen to him and to each other.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Joins | Joins Sentence

  • He joins you here on the north.
  • He joins in singing the last of these.
  • Robert quite joins with me at last.
  • Each farm joins another.
  • A process of the scapula that joins to the clavicle.
  • Charles Desmond joins them.
  • She marries Philip and joins his family.
  • The smaller track joins the main road at Koom.
  • It joins the Delaware in the wilds of Hancock.
  • Death joins the woman's club.
  • The DOUX, joins the Rhine.
  • No weed or grass stem but joins in the carnival of the year.
  • Now that it is day his mate joins him on the "knowe.
  • In bed or wheel chair he joins other convalescents on the roof terrace.
  • MISS JAY joins in the conversation.
  • Though not because my bosom torn Joins the mad world in all its scorn.
  • But, as Jemima says, when one joins a club one should patronize it.
  • WISL(OKA), joins the Vistula.
  • The Neversink lays open the region to the south, and also joins the Delaware.
  • The ROTHER, joins the Thames at Rotherhithe.

Definition of Joins

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of join | plural of join
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