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How To Use Joker In A Sentence?

  • She looked quite grim enough to frighten any joker as they went from door to door.
  • Our tragedian was a rough joker off the stage; our prime clown the most peevish mortal living.
  • Lapstone seized a box lid to give the juvenile joker a flip, but he scooted, grinning and ha!
  • But he took a chance, as every practical joker does, and the result in our case has spelled disaster.
  • Also, at that hour the last joker joined his comrades under the table, drunk to the last perfection.
  • Blow after blow was delivered in rapid succession, for he wanted to get in as many cracks as possible before the joker should expose himself.
  • Snug under his counterpane, the practical joker awaited, chuckling, a choleric word from the impassive and impeccable butler.
  • Large and vigorous and strong of beak as he is, this practical joker is wise, and does not often show his conspicuous yellow breast in open places.
  • She was a great practical joker, and when all is told a practical joker is a very trying person, and very often a person lacking in true humor.
  • He was somewhat of a joker in his way, and at times a little addicted to the use of current slang; but a warm-hearted, impulsive lad all the same.
  • One of these persons is Firrazzanu, the practical joker and knave, who is cunning enough to make others bear the penalty of his own boldness.
  • Theze short essays are like buckwheat slap-jacks; evryboddy seems tew like them hot, and tew git them hot iz jest where the little joker cums in.
  • To tell the truth, I've often suspected him of being even a bigger joker than Josh.
  • Cornhill, the joker of the Post, was the Agent, and would shell out next morning, at nine o'clock.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Joker | Joker Sentence

  • At once the joker leapt for freedom.
  • Dubois was the joker of the regiment and everybody laughed.
  • Billy is a joker . . .
  • Yes,' I said, 'that joker with the criss-cross mouth.
  • They's a joker in this game.
  • How the greatest joker of the age did enjoy that summer warfare!
  • Some practical joker produced a cylinder alleged to be in cuneiform writing.
  • The little joker in this pack of resolutions soon came out in one of them.
  • That joker has got a cache of the real stuff and he gave us raisinade!
  • Yes, here's one little joker hiding in a corner.
  • Charter a ship," said a practical joker whom he consulted.
  • The joker then made answer, "You are a little flushed.
  • He took it all in good fun, too; he's one joker that kin stand one on hisself.

Definition of Joker

A person who makes jokes. | (slang) A funny person. | A jester.
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