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  • Some of the descendants of Jon who imagined that they sprang from the Alderga people went there.
  • At precisely eleven o'clock, he was facing the announcer plate on Jon Senesin's door.
  • Ten years after Jon went away, there arrived three ships in the Flymeer; the people cried Huzza!
  • In the 65th Regiment Jon Dumitru was paid 14 francs a month for spying on his Jewish comrades.
  • All the space within that had been allotted to the public was filled as soon as stammering Jon opened the side door.
  • Between the near and the distant coasts of Italy Jon found some islands, which he thought desirable.
  • Suddenly, the manufacturers of generic printer cartridges and garage door openers start to look rather like Jon Johansen.
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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jon | Jon Sentence

  • To my brother Jon Ken.
  • This is the history of Jon and of Min-erva.
  • Thit is thju skednesse fon Jon and Minerva.
  • Their names were Signithur Sigurthsen and Jon Eriksen.
  • Min-erva landed with the fleet of Jon at the head of a colony in Attica.
  • When night came, Jon bent his course towards the distant Krekalanden.
  • De egyszer csak szaladva jön be Róza és utána ifjabb Novoszád Ferenc.
  • The defective in speech, by Mildred Freburg Berry & Jon Eisenson.
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