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  • But the journal did not stir me to this high emotion.
  • It was criticized in 1789 by a literary journal at Jena.
  • The above appeared in the journal quoted on June 3rd, 1910.
  • Howitt, Journal Anthrop.
  • The only Journal of its kind in America!!
  • Folk-lore Journal of South Africa, i.
  • Louisa was writing a daily journal before she could more than print.
  • A journal has been established to serve as a vehicle for this crusade.
  • Then a class journal devoted to aeronautics printed the story.
  • The journal of a human heart for a single day in ordinary circumstances.
  • They think it a point of duty in that journal to shake hands with one finger.
  • Waldron, with bitter words upon his lips, cast the journal from him viciously.
  • It is from Hufeland's Journal of Feb. 1825.
  • Republished from Barnard's American Journal of Education.
  • The Philadelphia Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences.
  • I wrote to you from Rome, and I sent you a French Journal from Paris.
  • A Journal of Voyages and Travels in the Interiour of North America.
  • For Sayana, see Mr. Perry's Essay, Journal A. 0.

How To Use Journal In A Sentence?

  • His brilliant descriptions of the fighting had become a feature in the journal he represented.
  • Nine times out of the ten on which I purchase an evening journal I never glance at the columns.
  • This was in the country of the Blackfeet, mentioned in the journal as the Archithinue Natives.
  • The last is a source of error pointed out by Mr. Codrington: Journal of Anthrop.
  • A trade journal advertises a new calculating machine which will total up stupendous figures without any human help at all.
  • On certain days of the week I employ myself in editing a trade journal that has to do with haberdashery.
  • There is extant a fragmentary little journal of his, begun when he was fifteen, and kept irregularly for a couple of years.
  • I wrote my journal and a journal for Louisa as she thought she could not write well enough.
  • Fortunately the journal contains references to the ways of life of the Mandan and a brief description of their fortified or protected settlements.
  • He was busy in the usual way this afternoon, as he sat on the bed, coatless, a trade journal open on his knees.
  • He referred to it in his journal as being given by the Buffalo Society, where all wore buffalo masks.
  • The Journal of The Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, vol.
  • The influence of this journal is a recognized power in Europe, and, of course, none is more conscious of it than its conductors.
  • Letters of inquiry on any | | points of interest within the scope of the Journal will | | receive prompt attention.
  • I wish I could add, that this journal aspired to deserve the power it wields, by guidance of the public sentiment to the right.
  • Lastly with respect to the "Austrian Observer," his motive in establishing that journal was purely patriotic.
  • The following passages are taken from the journal kept by Captain James, the commander of a vessel bound for the northern seas.
  • The New-England Journal of Medicine and Surgery, and Collateral Branches of Science.
  • A memorable instance of this phenomenon is recorded by Dr. Kane in the journal of his last voyage to the Polar regions.
  • To borrow the phrase of the United States President, this journal is obviously a greater friend of other countries than its own.
  • Babbitt metal, used for journal bearings in machinery, contains the same metals in a different proportion together with a small percentage of copper.
  • Probably that number of the journal in which the essay appeared would have a large sale, but the author might achieve professional failure; in the office.

Definition of Journal

(obsolete) Daily. | To archive or record something. | To scrapbook.
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