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  • Makeshifts of pioneer journalism have taxed the ingenuity of many a great mind.
  • There was even a kid fresh out of journalism school who wants to start up a paper.
  • The journals there are full of fever, and the profession of journalism is a disease.
  • But it is of Southern journalism during these last twenty years of which I would speak.
  • But of this simple moral explanation modern journalism has, as I say, a standing fear.
  • To personal paragraphs and the baser journalism I could not and I would not stoop.
  • He will find journalism of a new type: "live," vigorous, generous, and semi-occasionally vicious.
  • Personal journalism has a prominence in this country with which nothing in any other country can be compared.
  • Literature and journalism will cease to be a means of money-making and living at the cost of others.
  • It yet remains to cross the barrier which divides some of the best journalism of our time from literature which will outlive its author.
  • Anonymous journalism is dangerous, and is poisonous in our existing life simply because it is so rapidly becoming an anonymous life.
  • These were mainly drawn from literature, first as a playwright then as a novelist, journalism and miscellanies coming in.
  • Then there is another rule for making journalism honest on which I should like to insist absolutely.
  • After adventures in printing and journalism the two brothers set up at Dayton as cycle manufacturers.
  • He writes journalism for a living, and poetry, which he publishes at his own expense, apparently for recreation.
  • Within a year the restlessness which had led him to abandon the church, medicine, and the bar caused him to give up journalism in its turn.
  • Whitaker, journalism and God's green world of spring he had chosen jealously to resent.
  • In America the gutter press section of journalism is esteemed at its true worth, and is as harmless as a few squibs.
  • In England, there was no fashion journalism or series of prints that can be regarded as illustrations of late 17th-century fashion.
  • But the, people know in their hearts that journalism is a conventional art like any other, that it selects, heightens, and falsifies.
  • Again, in the case of anonymous journalism I seem to have said a great deal without getting out the point very clearly.
  • There has crept, I notice, into our literature and journalism a new way of flattering the wealthy and the great.
  • Indeed, no matter to what side of journalism we turn, we find Irishmen filling the foremost and the highest places.
  • Hundreds of young men at both our ancient Universities look upon Journalism as the easiest and most attractive of all the professions.
  • It was this restless spirit, the arch-enemy of commercial routine, that had drawn Dick into journalism after leaving college.
  • In the field of American journalism have been many able and forcible writers of Irish birth or descent.
  • At twenty-five he found himself editor and proprietor of a country weekly in Kansas; and the step from journalism to politics proved an easy one.
  • The most splendid testimony to the Irish genius in journalism is afforded by the London press of the opening decades of the twentieth century.
  • A still more important fault, undoubtedly, of journalism is its tendency to slovenly work, and here again Lockhart was conspicuously guiltless.
  • What he said was for the most part undeniably true, but he had such an offensive way of expressing himself that the amenities of journalism were constantly violated.
  • He had been fishing, pipe in mouth, for with the failure of the "Observer," he had returned to desultory journalism and idleness.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Journalism | Journalism Sentence

  • Do you know that journalism is become very profitable?
  • And so naturally from Journalism to Democracy.
  • Perhaps it was that his journalism was of the very newest kind.
  • It is that bad journalism is victorious over good journalism.
  • This is why the level of comic journalism is not as lofty as we could wish.
  • Lawrence, Kan., Dept. of Journalism Press, 1926.
  • As for the conditions of English life and journalism she knew nothing of them.
  • He contrasted art and journalism and found Brian indifferent to his scorn.
  • He didn't look as though international journalism had done much for him.

Definition of Journalism

The activity or profession of being a journalist. | The aggregating, writing, editing, and presenting of news or news articles for widespread distribution, typically in electronic publications and broadcast news media, for the purpose of informing the audience. | The style of writing characteristic of material in periodical print publications and broadcast news media, consisting of direct presentation of facts or events with an attempt to minimize analysis or interpretation.
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