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  • Nay, said Sir Frol, I jousted with him at my request.
  • He had jousted hard and lost, and youth holds no post-mortems.
  • Sir Ector jousted with Sir Dinadan, and he smote him and his horse down.
  • So Sir Launcelot was with King Arthur, and jousted not the first day.
  • Some of King Arthur's knights jousted with knights of Cornwall.

How To Use Jousted In A Sentence?

  • Nay, said Sir Brandiles, we jousted late enough with you, we come not in that intent.
  • How Sir Launcelot jousted against four knights of the Round Table and overthrew them.
  • How Balin was pursued by Sir Lanceor, knight of Ireland, and how he jousted and slew him.
  • How Sir Marhaus jousted with Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine, and overthrew them both.
  • How Sir Meliagaunce told for what cause they fought, and how Sir Lamorak jousted with King Arthur.
  • Also the second day there jousted Tristram best, and he overthrew forty knights, and did there marvellous deeds of arms.
  • How Sir Gareth came to a castle where he was well lodged, and he jousted with a knight and slew him.
  • How Sir Launcelot jousted with Palomides and overthrew him, and after he was assailed with twelve knights.
  • Ah, said Frol, yonder knight jousted late with me and smote me down, therefore I will joust with him.

Definition of Jousted

simple past tense and past participle of joust

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