Judge In A Sentence

Definition of Judge

(transitive) To sit in judgment on; to pass sentence on. | (intransitive) To sit in judgment, to act as judge. | (transitive) To form an opinion on.

How To Use Judge In A Sentence?

  • Shall we judge according to some notion which we do not possess, or shall we not judge at all?
  • It will be enough if they play the new one only, but you can judge what is best.
  • After all, if you began to judge men by the quality of their jokes where would it lead you?
  • What judge can know the merits on your side, When you put in no plea; as he has done?
  • He accepted, and I judge that there is going to be a deficit in the Dooley treasury as a result.
  • I might do, and rode away in our Bote with the feeling of a Judge a pardoning 3 criminals.
  • When Lawrence came in sight of the once fine plantation of Judge Lindsly his heart bled.
  • Pinocchio related in the presence of the judge all the particulars of the infamous fraud of which he had been the victim.
  • It had the surprising effect of a judge generally known to be bald suddenly whipping off his wig in court.
  • Joan was not the judge of human nature she fancied herself if she believed that a disparity in age would render gossip innocuous.
  • This is to judge them, not according to what they receive, but according to what they receive not, and cannot obtain.
  • You said that if a man of honour has injured another and is called on to atone for it, he is the best judge of his own punishment.
  • I judge so, because we indulge in these trips every year, while this is their first adventure of the kind.
  • I had also a little education, and knew something of history, so as to be able to judge a little of men and their actions.
  • He was a good judge of men, that eagle-faced major; he knew that the slightest move with hostile intent would mean a smoking gun.
  • We are told, however, that we should not judge of the proceeding of God, according to our notions of justice.
  • To believe this is necessary, and no one is authorized to judge of the commands of God for himself, or to alter a single letter in them.
  • Such was the early treatment of a heart, which, if I am judge of it at all, was naturally disposed to the extremes of tenderness and affection.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Judge | Judge Sentence

  • Do not judge me hastily in this.
  • Did he not judge wisely?
  • Romney was an ill judge of his own work.
  • How, above all, could any one judge him?
  • The Judge looked perplexed.
  • The Judge was mildly astonished.
  • The Judge appeared to acquiesce.
  • The Judge laughed softly.
  • There is a Judge in heaven who knows the heart.
  • True, on dog being a good judge of eloquence, 127.
  • He could only press the hand of the Judge as they parted.
  • The Judge laughed with a note of cynical humour.
  • He wondered how Judge Lindsly was now.
  • He was esteemed the best judge of cattle in all that region.
  • You ain't a judge of these things!
  • I leave you to judge how much he was in the wrong in his opinion.
  • My protest is against those who judge us by our vulgar and coarse types.
  • If I may judge by appearances, you are not going to be disappointed.
  • By force they take, and quickly make before the Judge appear.
  • I will only leave you to judge if his Inclination to Peace is blameable.
  • Although greatly surprised, the Judge received Lawrence with open arms.
  • It didn't take me long to judge that he was drugging himself.

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