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  • A man must be judged by his own actions only.
  • They may be judged of also by very slight experience.
  • He had 'worked' it as much as he judged safe.
  • And I do not wish to be judged at all.
  • Master, a, judged by his servants, 176.
  • Reckoning roughly, Davenant judged him to be sixty.
  • Is it six months ago since A. judged B. unkindly?
  • I'd rather you judged for yourself.
  • He judged her in secret when he should have trusted or blamed her openly.
  • A young woman in her class of life is not to be judged by our standards.
  • So it shall be at the last; we shall be judged by what we are.
  • This shows how little teams can be judged by comparing scores.
  • But having judged himself, he did not care a fig for her judgment of him.
  • But he judged that he must be fully six miles from the site of the town.
  • I judged it would be safe and profitable to offer him a bet on my scheme.
  • As a poet he stands high, even judged by a modern standard.
  • He was a slight child, by whose size you might have judged his age at five.
  • It is the advice of one who has seen and judged the master work of Paris.
  • Master Fernando judged that he was poisoned, others thought not.
  • I allowed that silence to work; I judged it would increase the effect.

How To Use Judged In A Sentence?

  • A place in which the validity of a philosophy is judged by the hat of its prophetess.
  • There remain to this day races who are judged to be still in the primitive condition.
  • When she rushed blindly from the room, her friends had judged that she wished to be alone.
  • The Mexicans fought with dogged courage, however they may be judged from the events of the war.
  • And yet if I'd been fifty years younger, I shouldn't have judged him at his worth.
  • Big logs and stumps are left because the cost of clean clearing is judged to be prohibitive and non-economic.
  • The report having been made, it was judged expedient to lower a boat and render her such assistance as was possible.
  • To some extent the maintenance of the old system intact may be judged by the prevalence of corporal punishment as a method of enforcing obedience.
  • The tinker and Anselo with his wife had judged wisely that we would be pleased with this picturesque couple.
  • From what he knew of the habits of the household, he judged that May would be at home at that hour.
  • For the moment he judged her to be the most attractive of all the Grafton girls, and had invented some amusing things to say to her.
  • By the sincerity of our efforts to uplift the depressed classes we shall be judged fit to achieve the objects of our national desire....
  • What poetry has lost in him cannot be judged by any one who has not read those last sonnets, now his farewell to England and the world.
  • It will be seen that the rubber was quite dry and fit for packing on the sixth day, as far as could be judged in the usual way by casual inspection.
  • We were the ones who gave the road, riding now before, now behind the indistinct bulk of a herd, according as we judged the shorter way.
  • After all, I suppose, the poet has passions like great unearthly appetites; and the world has always judged more gently of his sins.
  • I judged the Tories were driving straight at a conflict with the country, and I thought them bound to incur an electoral defeat.
  • After reading the first page I judged that the author was Heywood, and this impression was soon confirmed beyond all doubt.
  • They were three rough, hard-looking characters; and one, from his unsteady gait, I judged to be intoxicated.
  • It is natural also that this method of buying should be distressing to her mother, who has been accustomed to clothes of unchanging fashions which were judged entirely by their quality.

Definition of Judged

simple past tense and past participle of judge
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