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  • That was where our judgment was weak.
  • She could trust my judgment a little.
  • Never forget that posterity will sit in judgment on princes.
  • He wondered if this torturing end was a judgment sent upon him.
  • I haven't judgment enough to operate a trolley car.
  • But upon reflection I believed that her judgment was at fault.
  • I seemed to her, I suspect, to reflect upon her judgment and good intentions.
  • Furthermore, they placed great reliance in the judgment of Jolly and Vincent.
  • At God's great Judgment Seat!

How To Use Judgment In A Sentence?

  • Once before because of a mistake in judgment he had lost her, to her own unhappiness.
  • To a dexterity so fatal he added a judgment that had not failed when confronted with deceit.
  • I have experienced the judgment that it is round, and felt the desire to eat it.
  • The rest of the population stared in a state of suspended judgment as we went about the business.
  • It was an honest theft, and I hope may not hereafter rise up in judgment against me.
  • I pondered, and (so to speak) spread out the subject before my mind, and sat in judgment upon it.
  • Clearly there had been an error of judgment in placing him beside Mrs. Stribling.
  • It was against her better judgment that Mary Barker spoke to her employer about Nannie.
  • But it is for the judgment shown in the choice of the poems that the book deserves its chief commendation.
  • This was considered sufficient evidence against any person, and the court proceeded to judgment on it.
  • Insensibly his judgment of her softened, as if his romantic imagination had spun iridescent cobwebs about her.
  • We also see the absurdity of persons who employ a true artist interfering with his judgment and ideas.
  • Leibnitz, himself, was too much of a philosopher to approve of such a judgment in relation to any human being.
  • Why do we refer the judgment and the feeling to necessary causes, and fail to do the same in relation to the volition?
  • This decision of the judgment is what is usually meant by the use of the term preference, or choice.
  • Her manner was disappointing, and he thought he must be mistaken in his first judgment of her talents.
  • Since his idea was the original one, his judgment of his followers would be better than that of any one else.
  • Only the sharp judgment of our peers reverses our own heraldry and sticks a surname like a burr upon us.
  • Every nut and bolt, valve and spring was gone over again and again, until even his critical judgment was satisfied.
  • She howled with fright, thinking it a judgment on her for her misdeed, and went in tears to tell her mother.
  • On his return to England in 1811 he was persuaded rather against his own judgment into allowing the work to be published.
  • In your study of the beautiful, do not be led away by the false judgment of ignorant persons who may suppose themselves possessed of good taste.
  • In this survey certain things stand out in contrast to the conventional judgment of the Spanish colonial system.
  • You would remind us that an Hungarian nobleman permits no one to sit in judgment upon him in his own house.
  • In the record on which the electorate was to express its judgment only a minor place was taken by the issues which had seemed of such importance in 1913.
  • The time has not come to pass final judgment on either Wilson or any of the other great actors in the drama at Paris.
  • The Exposition grounds, covering a vast extent of space, had been chosen with marvelous taste and judgment and a keen eye for the picturesque.
  • And yet what presumption in finite man to sit in judgment upon, or criticise the wisdom of the Omnipotent God!
  • But with his sober judgment the excellent pastor made answer: "Here will I not contradict you.
  • But in Mind the immense variety of real imagination, memory, judgment is forgotten, and the name in each case reduced to a meagre abstract.
  • Virchow is not generally intimate with the modern doctrine of evolution, and does not possess that knowledge of natural science which is indispensable for any well-grounded judgment on it.

Definition of Judgment

The act of judging. | The power or faculty of performing such operations; especially, when unqualified, the faculty of judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely | The conclusion or result of judging; an opinion; a decision.
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