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  • I finally trained him so that as a jumper he was without a peer in our part of the army.
  • Gradually the air became so filled with steam that he stripped off his fur jumper and trousers.
  • Then a man in a faded plaid jumper detached himself from the others and began to speak.
  • If he proved a safe jumper nothing would be able to live with him on the flat at the finish.
  • The opposite slope was rough and steep, and the jumper too wide to pass easily between the trees.
  • An' 'ang me if she wasn't goin' in for that there very tricky jumper you wanted!
  • He wore a railroad jumper and overalls, but they were spotless, as if he had pretty light work.
  • The jumper heard of it, and in the morning of the day fixed, he prudently fled down the river.
  • When Merril swung himself down he saw that one wheel had driven hard against the jumper load.
  • He discovered Jumper the Hare sitting under a little hemlock-tree and told him.
  • Could it be that Jumper the Hare, the coward, had dared to strike him such a blow?
  • The big head of cabbage lay just where Peter Rabbit and Jumper the Hare had left it.
  • He'll fix it up with them for the boat to crawl in anywhere for a few jumper loads.
  • With Peter came his cousin, Jumper the Hare, who had come down from the Pine Forest for a visit.
  • He showed Jumper the Hare all the secret paths in the Green Forest and across the Green Meadows.
  • Here I've come all the way across the meadow on purpose to see what a fine jumper you are!
  • The heavy man slipped off his jumper in a moment, and I noticed the huge muscles of his chest and arms.
  • He saw Jumper the Hare squat down under a low-hanging branch of a hemlock-tree and prepare to take a nap.
  • His blue overalls and jumper were threadbare under the soft brown they had achieved through his strenuous kneeling and the general intimacy of weeds and sod.
  • A jumper is a low, short, strong sleigh set upon heavy wooden runners and hauled by ox, horse, men, or dogs.
  • In another place Dick says, "A quick and safe jumper always goes from hind-legs to fore-legs.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jumper | Jumper Sentence

  • The readiest jumper at conclusions?
  • Stow those slops of yours and get into a jumper quick.
  • The jumper and blanket he threw far on the pebbly waste.
  • With a snarl he rushed at Jumper the Hare.
  • There right in front of him sat Jumper the Hare.
  • But Jumper the Hare was timid, oh, very timid indeed.
  • Handy Man was a grand jumper and Dan Rowton a good rider.
  • Yes, Sir, Jumper the Hare certainly was very timid.
  • The warden dropped off the jumper and shut off retreat in the rear.
  • Here's a silk jumper which is absurdly cheap.
  • For a long time they rode side by side on the jumper without a word.
  • Not even an expert ski jumper could hope to clear the improved barrier.
  • Wade saw the jumper of Pulaski Britt strike the first bench.
  • And in the middle, sitting very straight, was Jumper the Hare.
  • The coast is clear," replied Jumper the Hare.
  • Peter jumped and turned to find his big cousin, Jumper the Hare.
  • Rabbit was next, sitting opposite his cousin, Jumper the Hare.
  • First came Peter's cousin, Jumper the Hare.
  • Osceola's voice was muffled by the jumper he was pulling over his head.

Definition of Jumper

To connect with an electrical jumper. | (chiefly Britain, Australia) A woolen sweater or pullover. | A loose outer jacket, especially one worn by workers and sailors.
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