Jumping In A Sentence

Definition of Jumping

(colloquial) Exuberantly active; in full swing. | present participle of jump | The act of performing a jump.

How To Use Jumping In A Sentence?

  • Much of this area is unsuitable to jumping mice but local marshy places might be inhabited.
  • Hastily jumping aboard, the second launch was put into motion and they gave chase at full speed.
  • And the good man, jumping up as if moved by a spring, came to take off my cloak.
  • He rode off toward the barracks, his head swimming with joy, his heart jumping like mad.
  • In Minnesota, jumping mice emerged late compared to other hibernating rodents.
  • In an instant I saw my chance, and, jumping to my feet, offered to obtain them.
  • Blair (1940:249) found notably fewer jumping mice on the George Reserve in 1938 than in 1939.
  • A large snake of this genus obtained by him regurgitated two jumping mice a few hours after its capture.
  • During breakfast he stood at a respectful distance, speaking only when spoken to, and jumping to serve them.
  • It was all that a younger woman, the other passenger, could do to hold her in her seat and restrain her from jumping overboard.
  • He devoured work, never shirking and always beating the native sailors in jumping to obey a command.
  • His imagination, jumping wide gaps, did not admit the possibility of his not being good enough to win it.
  • Quimby (1951:75) notes that jumping mice were more common in the moist lowlands than in the drier uplands.
  • At that moment the white cat, jumping down from the table in front of her, rubbed itself against her skirts, and she stumbled slightly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jumping | Jumping Sentence

  • Habits of jumping mice.
  • It was no use jumping on him.
  • A hibernating jumping mouse.
  • A swimming jumping mouse.
  • Hibernation of the northwest jumping mouse.
  • Hibernating meadow jumping mouse.
  • Unusual location of hibernating jumping mice.
  • Hibernating jumping mice in woodchuck dens.
  • Home ranges and populations of the jumping mouse.
  • Notes on the rearing of captive young meadow jumping mice.
  • She burst out crying, and jumping up ran to the house.
  • Sago, jumping clear, pulled his gun.
  • The jumping mouse in Georgia.
  • Captain Stoneman came jumping on deck.
  • Holy, jumping Jerusalem!
  • Hamilton (1935:191) removed a louse from a jumping mouse.
  • A new jumping mouse from New Mexico.
  • A study of the California jumping mice of the genus Zapus.
  • A new jumping mouse from the Upper Pliocene of Kansas.
  • North American jumping mice (Genus Zapus).
  • This jumping mouse usually is silent but does utter various sounds.
  • A jumping mouse in full retreat progressed by jumps of about one foot.
  • He's jumping around like a chicken on a hot griddle.
  • Some more, jumping a ditch, had broken through a hedge and vanished.
  • When startled, jumping mice travel in bounds of six feet or more at a jump.
  • Such, for instance, as jumping men, and witches, and funny little images.

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