Jumpy In A Sentence

Definition of Jumpy

Nervous and excited.

How To Use Jumpy In A Sentence?

  • But at last something happened that made both those jumpy gentlemen change their minds.
  • Those limp, jumpy creatures on the desks out there might actually start earning their keep.
  • It is a frivolous, jumpy little tune, not at all the grave, dignified measure one would expect on such an occasion.
  • By this time the sight of a coiled rope made me jumpy and I dreamed of snakes writhing, coiling, moving in undulating lines.
  • He was a bright creature of the name of Fector, a spare, short, jumpy fellow with a red face and muddy eyes.
  • Most housemasters feel uneasy in the event of illness in their houses, and Mr. Downing was apt to get jumpy beyond the ordinary on such occasions.
  • It was not that the digging was such hard or jumpy work, but the fact that it took two hours to get there and two more to come back, which made it such a trying business.
  • Any other time I might have wondered why Dudley looked so jumpy and bad-tempered, but all I was thinking of then was my ugly news.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Jumpy | Jumpy Sentence

  • She was so jumpy and uncertain.
  • I am well but get rather jumpy at times.
  • I shall get jumpy going into one.
  • Our first night was a pretty jumpy business.
  • He's getting so jumpy he doesn't sleep at nights.
  • Rather jumpy work, this joining hands in pitch darkness.
  • She ain't used to Pinckney's jumpy ways.
  • Well, Grosvenor, Cottrell is as jumpy as you are.
  • I was just jumpy while we talked--that way.
  • I've seen him jab all round the aorta until it made me jumpy to watch him.

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