Juncture In A Sentence

How To Use Juncture In A Sentence?

  • Sam stopped talking at this juncture and went on for some time in silence maneuvering his troops.
  • At this juncture the influence of another woman enters into the private life of Luther.
  • The activity and energy displayed by the Prussian Government at this juncture were prodigious.
  • At this juncture the door was thrown open, and the boy Robert entered to take a part in the scene.
  • General Sherman has recorded his belief that at this juncture Grant best displayed his greatness.
  • At this juncture the great Mohawk lay with a considerable body of warriors at Grassy Brook.
  • At this juncture the superserviceable Mephistopheles of the Empire, Fouche, intervened.
  • At this juncture the three evangelists repented of what had been begun, and talked of withdrawing from it.
  • As a matter of fact she had at that juncture felt more need than ever for the help of religion in her life.
  • Hankow means literally Han Mouth, being situated at the juncture of the Han River and the Yangtze.
  • It is not surprising that at this juncture he should have found an annoying stumbling-block in Curran.
  • At a juncture so solemn and so important, there is a special need that the intellectual force of the country should be active and efficient.
  • At this juncture he thought it was wise policy to take both the manager and Bayfield into his confidence.
  • Roderick would have liked to yawn in concert, but at this juncture a sudden ray of light flashed upon him and showed him a way of escape.
  • It was at a juncture when, had they joined the side of the enemies, the Filipinas would have been ruined.
  • Several days I went about with my papers under my arm, spying for some juncture of talk to serve as introduction.
  • The hand of Providence directs us in these things, and we must pray for its guidance at this important juncture of our lives.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Juncture | Juncture Sentence

  • At this juncture luncheon was announced.
  • At this juncture a step was heard approaching.
  • At this juncture Rupert interposed.
  • Just at this juncture I arrived.
  • At this juncture Hal reached the combatants.
  • At this juncture a new political force {209} appeared.
  • At this juncture Jane put forth all her beneficent energy.
  • At this juncture returned Hamiya Iemon.
  • It was at this juncture that Phil glanced back at Mary.
  • At this uncomfortable juncture Edith Williams sailed up.
  • At this juncture the marquis of Villa-Mediana arrived.
  • It was at this juncture that M. Auguste came out strong.
  • At this juncture Commodore Dale arrived at Gibraltar.
  • Perhaps in that very juncture a person comes to his warehouse.
  • The appearance of the great hall at this juncture was most splendid.
  • Pizarro felt that to give up at this juncture would be utter ruin.
  • At this juncture the brakes began to shriek and grind upon the wheels.
  • Just at this juncture a stout policeman turned the curve at a double-quick.
  • Your presence at this juncture might do harm to you and to the Cause.
  • It was at this juncture probably that Cradock conceived his ingenious plan.
  • At this juncture the big Cossack poked his head from beneath the rock.
  • At this juncture Jimmy, who was now able to get around, turned to Shirley.
  • At this juncture Lelha's mother went from her own house to a shop to buy rice.

Definition of Juncture

A place where things join, a junction. | A critical moment in time. | (linguistics) The manner of moving (transition) or mode of relationship between two consecutive sounds; a suprasegmental phonemic cue, by which a listener can distinguish between two otherwise identical sequences of sounds that have different meanings.
Sentence Structure is important because it provide us with the framework for the clear written expression of our ideas.The aim in writing is always to write in complete sentences which are correctly punctuated. Sentences always begin with a capital letter and end in either a full stop, exclamation or question mark. A complete sentence always contains a verb, expresses a complete idea and makes sense standing alone. On this page we are showing correct ways to write:

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