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  • It was the first evening at college in their junior year.
  • It was now the middle of the Christmas holidays of his junior year.
  • His opinion of things had especial value even in his Junior year.
  • In my Junior year Ken Montanye
  • I was just home from my junior year at Harvard."
  • CHAPTER X CONSEQUENCES For her junior year

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  • They all replied that he could enter the junior year, and thus graduate in two years from his entrance.
  • By the beginning of his junior year, Scott had won the tardy attention of the head of the department.
  • Until well into his junior year, he merely carried the required work in college and devoted all his excess energy to football and girls.
  • It was not until three years had passed and Sandy had reached his junior year that his real achievement was put to the test.
  • Hoover came down with typhoid in his Junior year, just at a time when his finances could not afford such an expensive luxury.
  • His health had always been frail, and he overstudied in college, with the result that in the middle of his junior year he broke down altogether and was ill for a long time.
  • One of the pupils in this study who had graduated after failing 23 times, was able to enter a reputable college, and had reached the junior year at the time of this study.
  • His studies for the past two years, and several weeks of careful review, enabled him to pass the examinations required in order to enter the Junior year of the college course.
  • During Wilmot's junior year at New Haven, his father's sensational, dissipated, and stock-gambling career came to a sudden end.
  • By the beginning of the Christmas holidays of that junior year, the head of the department had felt it his plain duty to explain to Scott that the road ahead of him was likely to be an open one and easy.
  • The correlations, for the four college years, were as follows: freshman year, .62; sophomore year, .50; junior year, .47; senior year, .25.
  • They have just completed their junior year in high school, and it has been decided that Garry and Dick shall go to a military school the coming fall, while Phil will have to remain and finish at the high school.
  • The correlation between brothers in intellectual ability is approximately .40, but that between standing in entrance examinations and standing in college of the same person is only .47 for junior year (130 cases) and .25 for senior year (56 cases)....
  • In the class just below him (1830) was Charles Sumner; and his cousin, Wendell Phillips, with John Lothrop Motley, entered Harvard during his Junior year.
  • By dint of working twice as hard as May, Ida had managed to outstrip her, and to begin the Junior year as the first of the class; but all the while she was conscious that her success was due to labour, and not to a larger intelligence.
  • It so happened that in the spring of my junior year my creditors became more than usually pressing, and at the same time a Jew by the name of Poco Abrahams began to threaten suit on a note of mine for two thousand dollars, which I had discounted with him for seven hundred and fifty.
  • I was in my junior year at Princeton, when the final break came, over an innocent youthful escapade, and, in my pride, I never even returned home to explain, but disappeared, drifting inevitably into the underworld, because of lack of training for anything better.
  • The first year was the hardest; a freshman's possibilities are circumscribed; Sophomore year brought with it broader opportunities; Junior year established her place in the college world beyond all argument, and now with senior year her triumph and success lay close at hand.
  • During the winter of my junior year," he wrote in warning to his grandson William, "I was struggling hard for honours, and trying to make up for lost time; I used to rise about four o'clock, light my fire, and sit down to the study of conic sections.
  • Mother and father are both dead, now; and the sisters who are proud of her attainments--for she had finished in the Junior Year at Daughters' College,--wonder that she is not satisfied.
  • A letter had come from her mother which settled the one great question in Molly's mind just then: Should she be able to return to college for her junior year and share with Judy and Nance a little three-roomed apartment in the Quadrangle near their other friends, who were all engaging rooms in that same corridor?
  • Then there was the man with whom Oliver used to walk home from school, with whom he loved to stroll in the twilight--the Professor of English, who examined the youth's fitness for his junior year by having him analyze and parse a hymn.
  • The promising down on his upper lip--the object of his own secret solicitude and Olympia's gibes during the junior year--was quite worn away by the kissing he underwent among the impulsive Jeannettes of the village, who had a vague notion that soldiers, like sailors, were indurated for battle by adosculation.
  • The carnival given by the Semper Fidelis Club in which the Alice in Wonderland Circus was enacted, the important part which Jean, the old hunter of Oakdale fame, played in one Overton girl's life, the message Emma Dean forgot to deliver, and countless other absorbing incidents served to fill their junior year with ceaseless interest.
  • " I left Yale at the end of Junior year and crossed the ocean in the crack steamer of the then famous Collins line.
  • To her many friends "Grace Harlowe's Plebe Year at High School," "Grace Harlowe's Sophomore Year at High School," "Grace Harlowe's Junior Year at High School," and "Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School" are now familiar records.
  • When calling upon Mrs. Arnot one blustering March evening, toward the close of his Junior year, that lady explained her anxious, clouded face by saying that her sister, Mrs. Romeyn, was very ill, and after a moment added, half in soliloquy, "What would she do without Laura?"
  • 3 GRACE HARLOWE'S JUNIOR YEAR AT HIGH SCHOOL; Or, Fast Friends in the Sororities.
  • 3 GRACE HARLOWE'S JUNIOR YEAR AT HIGH SCHOOL; Or, Fast Friends in the Sororities.
  • 3 GRACE HARLOWE'S JUNIOR YEAR AT HIGH SCHOOL; Or, Fast Friends in the Sororities.
  • _College_.--Average rank for fall term of the junior year on the scale of 40.--1882: boys 37.75, girls 37.93; 1883: boys 38.03, girls 38.70; 1884: boys 38.18, girls 88.59; 1885; boys 38.33, girls 38.13.
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