Junipers In A Sentence

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  • The junipers were thick.
  • Presently a few dwarf junipers appeared.
  • A cluster of junipers hid the faint glow of the camp-fire.
  • From behind the screen of junipers came an answering nicker.
  • Angling junipers stuck out from the walls in occasional dots of green.

How To Use Junipers In A Sentence?

  • She was the wind that follows it, sweeping among the junipers and kissing each as she came.
  • We climbed into the high cedars, and then to the pinons, and then to the junipers and pines.
  • The sign by which the junipers are most easily distinguished from other evergreens, is the juicy berries instead of cones.
  • He strode along the high rocky bluff, through tangled junipers and pine thickets, till he came above the rocky cove which had been his favorite retreat on so many occasions.

Definition of Junipers

plural of juniper
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