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How To Use Just From In A Sentence?

  • A sea-faring friend just from a tropical voyage had presented me with a bunch of bananas.
  • It was just from the press, and had, a day or two before, been forwarded to her by the publisher.
  • At the wharf the song of negroes rose as they unloaded the boat just from Richmond.
  • It is just from this theological deadlock that we are freed by the Pretty Preacher.
  • The two second lieutenants of the other companies are men just from West Point this year.
  • And, I tell you, I was about done out, just from reaching up and tapping that roof with a pick.
  • Just from that spot the light in the parlour window of the cottage became perceptible to the wayfarer.
  • The minute he walks in the room right away he gets everybody to trembling just from his own excitements.
  • He can't object to a little present of that sort just from four friends like ourselves.
  • Esther interrupted them in order to introduce a newcomer who had arrived late, evidently just from a journey.
  • In the matter of aprons she must be quite reckless, for they always look as if just from the ironing-table.
  • She was splendidly arrayed in her new purple calico and a big white apron, just from under the iron.
  • I have found out that girls can be the most cruel creatures in the world, just from pure thoughtlessness and lack of imagination.
  • Why, sometimes just from the angle at which a person lifts his head to listen, you can tell if he has executive ability or not.
  • I was present at a lively discourse, administered by a young lady just from Europe to a veteran politician.
  • Each rider carries in her hand a whip, with which she strikes the horse at every step, not cruelly at all, but just from force of habit.
  • Forest and meadow, trees and grass, all so pure and fresh, as if just from the hand of the mighty and eternal Artificer.
  • Haven't you, more than once, made up your mind that you wouldn't like a thing, just from the look of it, without ever having tasted it?
  • Perhaps all this dreariness and desolation made itself more keenly felt because the boy was just from the city, which teemed with life and bustle and energy.
  • He drew his hands across his forehead, and she noticed that he was in his morning clothes and looked as rumpled and flurried as a man just from the office.
  • It is interesting to note that it is just from this point that it was, in the seventeenth century, found necessary to start the rebuilding of a portion of the north aisle wall.
  • Among such, there would generally be some, who would refuse to have any thing to do with the measure, just from a desire to thwart and impede the plans of the teacher.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Just From | Just From Sentence

  • These books are just from the press.
  • He sits in his chair just from weariness.
  • Just from the way he talked and acted.
  • Oh, that was easy, just from your eyes!
  • I am a galley slave, a convict, just from prison.
  • Are you just from Peru, my ducky?
  • And I learned it then, just from the terror in her face.
  • I believe I could go right there, just from hearing him.
  • She was just from Germany, and knew no English.
  • Just from letters.
  • Probably you couldn't, just from that much.
  • He worked himself really sick last night just from pure nervousness.
  • Everybody used to get 'em just from living close together.
  • After she had come, just from his own words and actions, to supposing....
  • Well, I have been the first; just from pique, dad; pique and pride....
  • When just from school our faces and hands were as black as demons' with ink.
  • Knisely is a great swell; he's just from school, and has no end of things.
  • No, it warn't from gas, it was just from rubbin' em to keep em' open.
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