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How To Use Just My In A Sentence?

  • I don't know whether you think anything of me or not; it would be just my luck if you didn't.
  • And those fellows were not constables, but just my cousin Eiran and two footmen in disguise.
  • Not just my annual pilgrimages to foreign clinics, but journeys to the ends of the earth if you like.
  • The words come out so strong and hearty-like that they generally express just my feelin's.
  • His daughter is just my age, and Mother wanted me so much to meet her, for she said she was such an extremely nice girl.
  • I will try not to be so weak and childish again; and now," pausing for a deep breath, "will you please explain to me just my position?
  • That's just my way of thinkin' to a dot; an' every thing goes to prove that I am right.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Just My | Just My Sentence

  • Tis just my case with him.
  • Now this is just my case.
  • She was just my own age.
  • It was just my mistake.
  • That is just my feeling.
  • She is just my queen and my darling.
  • This is just my time to quit.
  • Just my bungling wit.
  • Or just my silly fancy?
  • And that is just my position and my line of action.
  • Yes; just my luck to be out.
  • And he is just my hero, too.
  • Now, that is just my way of thinking.
  • That's it, that's just my luck!
  • Mine isn't, but that's just my cowardly nature.
  • The picture of the 'child' is just my Penini.
  • Just my luck.
  • Just my kind!
  • Just my luck!
  • She's just my figure.
  • You're just my size and figure.
  • It's just my silly way of going on.
  • That's just my luck, you know.
  • He's got just my ideas, only bigger.
  • You're just my Olivia.
  • It's just my heart breaks open and the wild flood rains.
  • At last, fate had been just; my thirst for vengeance had been satisfied.
  • This is just my way of resting when I'm tired.
  • It's just my luck.
  • That's just my fix.
  • It's just my luck!
  • Just my luck--lost two cases!
  • Oh, yes, I know it's just my backwoods way of looking at things.
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