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  • I just saw him on top of a little hill.
  • I just saw the old bird fly out of the bush.
  • You just saw the sign, you say.
  • I just saw her for a moment, and then went out.
  • I just saw them.
  • He just saw him as a boy, and didn't know who he was.
  • She just saw summat as looked like a woman's dress.
  • I just saw them," Agnes said.
  • I just saw Ben on the station platform with the queerest little bow-legged boy.
  • I just saw you, and--and shot on an impulse.
  • Speaking of tramps, I believe I just saw one over yonder," added the girl.
  • But I just saw an automobile go in here."
  • I just saw Ralph Fergus buy them all from the boy."
  • I just saw Mr. Hardwick slip the things into his pocket."
  • why, man, she just saw me coming up that instant.
  • "I just saw the captain," she enunciated faintly.
  • "I just saw him in time," exclaimed Will.
  • I just saw a large rat in the shed; and old Nero tried to catch it."
  • "I just saw Firehouse," said Astro quietly.
  • "Sure; I just saw a whale," replied Harold sarcastically.
  • "I just saw a splash.
  • 'I just saw them, you know.
  • "I just saw the postman leaving.
  • "I just saw your guests, Larry.

How To Use Just Saw In A Sentence?

  • I just saw myself, after all the trouble everybody had taken with me, being sent away in disgrace.
  • I just saw a man leap por las tapias de la huerta. over the garden wall.
  • I just saw what happened before I got a crack on the crown of the head from the butt-end of a rifle, which knocked me out of time.
  • Mr. Turtle rose, filled with wrath, and with drawn fist, and just saw his mistake in time before the blow descended.
  • She just saw what a fine idea it was, and when she saw that she couldn't afford to have her three trunks brought into the house she proposed that she leave them at a neighbor's.
  • The Muglitonians, the Prophets, the Superlapsarians, &c. like untimely births, just saw the light and disappeared.
  • Some of these fellows had been cutting a hole, and--well, we just saw it in time.
  • I just saw you talking to?" inquired Hal Vincent of Frank, as the latter approached him on the boardwalk.
  • I didn't seem to see any of the troop, I only just saw my mother standing, maybe kind of unsteady like, and listening to Jake Holden.
  • I just saw how Jesus loves me--and I felt I loved him--and then how could I be feared, Miss Eleanor?
  • Oh, Jim, Jim, my old friend, forgive me for my madness; forget what I said to you, forget the brute you just saw and think of me as of old, when I would have plucked out my tongue if I had caught it saying a harsh word to the best and truest friend man ever had.
  • And we just saw a demonstration of that fabulous kite and saw all those simply captivating mice."
  • Why, how-d'ye-do, ma'am!" he said, getting up and bowing to Mrs. MacCall, whom he just saw. "
  • Dolly just saw Henley turning away, and George under a lamp-post; then they were gone out of the station into the open country;
  • Mr. Wharncliffe just saw that everything was right and looked after the coal and things; and then we left them to take their supper in peace."
  • He just saw 'im disappearing round a corner, and he didn't see 'im agin for a couple o' year arterwards, by which time the Sydney gal had '
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