Just So In A Sentence

Definition of Just So

In the precise manner indicated.

How To Use Just So In A Sentence?

  • It must go just so far and no farther.
  • Yes, he likes things to be just so.
  • Why are there just these heads, and just so many?
  • Just so, just so, exactly!
  • Your four years abroad have been just so much capital.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Just So | Just So Sentence

  • It is just so in religion.
  • It is just so with silkworms.
  • And just so it is with man.
  • Just so with dancing.
  • It just so happened.
  • Just so it is with writing.
  • It was just so this time.
  • Just so with the tribe.
  • Just so in sociology.
  • I feel just so myself.
  • It is just so in life.
  • The world is just so.
  • And it is just so with all soldierly qualities.
  • Mackintosh liked to do everything just so.
  • How often she had come down just so!
  • Just so does the child about the toy.
  • It is just so with what is lately past.
  • It is just so with a town population.
  • He insists on things being just so.
  • Just so with all punishment for sin.
  • Just so with the commonwealth of bees.
  • We are just so frivolous and skeptical.
  • It is just so in public life.
  • Just so; and no wonder.
  • Just so you can run it and keep it running.
  • It is just so with every successful reform.
  • I never had it just so from anybody else.
  • But how could she tell just so much and no more?
  • She is just so clever she is able to do anything.
  • Just so of many a dishonest bee.
  • They had never heard them sound just so.
  • And it is just so with the quality of power at the piano.
  • They seem to go just so far.
  • But shallow natures always flirted just so.
  • It looked just so in the moonlight last night.

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