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  • They were just waiting until he was admitted.
  • Laundry just waiting to be occupied.
  • There were swarms of fish, just waiting to be dynamited.
  • Suppose they were just waiting for him to get a little closer.
  • I'm just waiting really for the new parts.
  • I was just waiting to see what he would do, for we had our guns all right.
  • And now I come, a giant great, Just waiting for another meat.
  • She's just waiting.
  • I couldn't blame you if you were just waiting to kick my brains out.
  • Pete's just waiting for a chance to register your face on the film.
  • I was just waiting for Werner to come to satisfy Roger," shouted Ernest.
  • Just waiting for you!"
  • Just waiting for us!"
  • I was just waiting for the drawbridge to go down."
  • They must be just waiting for an opportunity to grab us."

How To Use Just Waiting In A Sentence?

  • She is just waiting in miserable suspense to see if thee will keep thy word and live.
  • There were birds just waiting to fly before And show you the way to the magical door.
  • Wherever he might be, he sat all puffed out, silent and motionless, evidently just waiting.
  • He looked around with the air of a stranger, and Marcel and I again were silent, just waiting.
  • These guns were not forty yards away and were just waiting the order to open on those woods right where we were.
  • He told the teller that he didn't want anything; he was just waiting for a man he knew.
  • He must realize that she's her own worst enemy, and he's just waiting for her to catch on to that fact.
  • So you see paddle wheels were nothing new; the world was just waiting for something that would turn them around.
  • Though she was too ill to speak to them, they could see she was quite happy and peaceful, just waiting to be taken Home.
  • Yes, we're so thankful you're not drunk that we crawl around like two little dogs just waiting to lick your hand and tell you how good you are.
  • Baubie saw this, and, just waiting to let him get well under way and settle into his gait, she gathered herself up and sprang across the road upon him with the suddenness and rapidity of a flash.
  • Among them may sometimes be found the germs of serious diseases such as pneumonia, diphtheria, and blood-poisoning, just waiting, as it were, their opportunity to attack the body.
  • The move was unmistakable--he was just waiting for her to name him the knight of her choice.
  • But all the while she talked to him in whispers when he had wanted to discuss the Jean picture, she was waiting, just waiting, for that Nogales picture.
  • Billy and I had an idea that everything south of the Mason and Dixon line was just waiting for us, and we wanted to earn the eternal gratitude of the community by helping it along.
  • There isn't a fellow in this settlement who hasn't got a quart glass fruit-jar full of gold nuggets and dust under his bed, and who isn't just waiting and pining to show it to some stranger like yourself.
  • Were there not spareribs and turkeys and cranberries and mince pies on the pantry shelves, and barrels of rosy Baldwins in the cellar and bottles of mother's root beer just waiting to give a holiday pop?
  • The spaces of freedom that exist in the analog world because widespread use is possible without copying are neither oversights, nor temporarily abandoned mines of monopoly rent just waiting for a better technological retrieval method.
  • Then in twos and threes came the interviewers, all looking like the home team at the half, three touchdowns behind and just waiting for their coach.
  • We were just waiting, waiting, like weary men who have a big work to do and are anxious to do it; and no sooner had the sun gone down and a fresh breeze of night begun to blow, than we jumped to our feet and told each other that the time had come.
  • As we came near, travelling a mere white seam in a carpet of purple heather stitched together with silver streams, I saw any quantity of unfinished rainbows, just waiting to be matched on to each other like bits of a puzzle.
  • I tell you men, he's no longer a Catholic, he's not a man any more, he's bewitched by the Germans, he jabbers German, and is just waiting to do harm to people.
  • But the heart was gone out of the whole business, and the entire push was acting as if it were just waiting for the roof to fall in--as I guess it was.
  • There had been delay--something wrong with the cable; but a train was just waiting, and he hurried on board with the rest, little heeding what became of him so long as the diploma was safe.
  • If I didn't make out I wasn't really and truly living here, on the top floor, with the Rheinhimers underneath, but just waiting for our house to be fixed up, I couldn't stand it all the time.
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