Just Yet In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Just Yet | Just Yet Sentence

  • You are not going just yet?
  • He was not ready for that just yet.
  • But the end was not just yet.
  • But you are not ready for that just yet.
  • I am not going just yet.
  • I can not see you just yet.
  • It will be soon but not just yet.
  • But this apparently was not to be just yet.
  • She had decided not to use it just yet.
  • Would he be able to write just yet?
  • Why should you go back just yet?
  • I cannot possibly pay you just yet.
  • But even that ought not to happen just yet.
  • But she was not destined just yet to cross its threshold.
  • Come, we will not dance just yet.
  • But she would not, just yet.
  • But she dared not speak of that subject just yet.
  • But fortunately none were required of him just yet.
  • I judged it best not to speak just yet.
  • No man drinks to that toast just yet.
  • Not yet; not just yet.
  • But why she wants to get in here is beyond me just yet.
  • But she could not bear to meet his glance just yet.
  • You would not have the mother leave the child just yet.
  • By my word, you shall not say that just yet.
  • The time is not here just yet, but it is surely coming.
  • Let's don't say anything of our discovery just yet.
  • I can't and won't settle down just yet.
  • We do not want to use Moto just yet.
  • But the Colonel must not be told that just yet.
  • But not just yet; not for a few years; not until....
  • In the mean while we must not drop the Tag-rags just yet.
  • I thought at first I would not tell you just yet.
  • I hardly think I shall go just yet.
  • He felt he could not stand Morella Winmarleigh just yet.

How To Use Just Yet In A Sentence?

  • What good I've done, I can't tell, just yet.
  • But not just yet.
  • Not just yet.
  • Can't make it out just yet.
  • Not just yet, dear.
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