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  • The artist has not done justice to it.
  • I who want order and justice before everything!
  • It was distributing poetical justice in perfection.
  • I come upon justice business.
  • Well, will the justice do a man the favour to do his duty?
  • It shows the justice of God to be infinite.
  • So Heaven prosper right and justice and true chivalry!
  • To justice with him! PHOR.
  • To do justice to the conception would task the execution of a poet.
  • The object of public or administrative justice is quite different.
  • To do him justice he admits that the place is mine and wants to leave it.
  • Neither with the sword of justice nor with the sword of battle could he fight.
  • I knew better than to do so, before a baronet and a justice of peace.
  • She did her step-mother the justice to believe her a quite decent woman.
  • What had I done but what was inspired by a love of justice and my country?
  • When justice is doubtful, I should lean to the side of mercy.

How To Use Justice In A Sentence?

  • The justice of these opinions should be tested by each student from his own experience.
  • And what would you say of the figure or form of justice or of virtue in general?
  • It had no furniture of its own besides, but to do it justice it was weather-proof.
  • It is the administrative justice of God that has been satisfied by the atonement.
  • She was struggling, struggling so hard that her hands were clenched, to do justice to her father.
  • I thought one of the blessings of an Englishman, was to find justice at any time.
  • Hence, as we have already said, he did not satisfy the punitive justice of God.
  • Neither Sheridan nor any other Federal historian appears to have done justice to this charge.
  • He graduated from Harvard College in 1671 and finally became a justice of the peace.
  • In the mornin', fellow, in the mornin', justice shall be done while the breadfruit falls.
  • Discouraging as was the outlook for us personally, we had confidence in the government and in the justice of our cause.
  • No one yet has written a biography of him that does full justice to his great abilities and lofty character.
  • If his administrative justice had not stood in the way, the offer of pardon to the sinner would have cost him merely a word.
  • In fine, as soon as they had brought him out of the church, they carried him to the tribunal of justice and placed him in the chair.
  • This causes us to see the black scourge of retributive justice everywhere, and the hand of fatherly correction nowhere.
  • It is easy to see that such a view of the atonement does not in the least degree conflict with the justice of God.
  • But how can that be a display of justice to us, which, according to all our notions, wears the appearance of the most frightful injustice?
  • Great consternation took place among the pirates on finding justice in pursuit of them, and their old haunts turned to places of peril.
  • Can the justice of God be manifested only at the expense of his mercy, and his mercy only at the expense of his justice?
  • If the justice allows all his servants to be as saucy as you, I can't say much for the gentleman.
  • The doctrine in question is frequently misrepresented, and made to appear inconsistent with the justice of God, by means of false analogies.
  • No amount of fuss would bring the poor woman to life again, and the actual murderer had been done justice to by a chance shot from Davidson.
  • The most perfect harmony exists among all the attributes of God; and as his justice demands the punishment of the sinner, so also doth his mercy.
  • It should be said in all justice that he rarely side-stepped these meetings, as he might have done, and allowed the unpleasantnesses to disclose themselves through others.

Definition of Justice

The state or characteristic of being just or fair. | The ideal of fairness, impartiality, etc., especially with regard to the punishment of wrongdoing. | Judgment and punishment of a party who has allegedly wronged another.
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