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  • All means were justifiable which enabled him to shirk the one and defy the other.
  • Under such conditions the author believes that it is justifiable for a student to use coffee.
  • How sick did she want the child to be before the need for aid seemed justifiable to her?
  • He had not even manifested the jealousy justifiable in the possessor of so beautiful a wife.
  • The measures of 1544 were simply acts of justifiable self-defence and currency safeguard.
  • Even where new work seems justifiable and to be demanded, proceed as if treading on holy ground.
  • Their indignation was justifiable when told of the trap Fredericks and his set had laid for Frank.
  • A perfectly justifiable response to this unauthorized query would have been that it was no concern of his.
  • For him to tell himself that robbing you would be justifiable because he was punishing a man he deemed guilty!
  • They have been educated to think and to feel, that slavery is justifiable in the circumstances under which it has come down to them.
  • Your not having been rewarded for the first expedition affords a justifiable inference that you will get nothing for the second.
  • We may begin even with the very justifiable doubt whether nervousness really has increased in our time.
  • Judges have never hesitated to declare that murder which juries by their verdicts have as perseveringly regarded as justifiable homicide.
  • You say that artistic work is morally justifiable to the artist, since he is giving pleasure to others.
  • Then, it is considered justifiable for the physician in charge of the case to produce an abortion in order to save the life of the mother.
  • That many of them fell victims to mines, and some of them to the mines of our barrage, is an entirely justifiable assumption.
  • One day, however, he did ask her tentatively if she did not think that divorce was justifiable in certain circumstances.
  • From a very early period, it seems to have been looked upon in that country as a perfectly justifiable means of getting rid of an enemy.
  • The occult scientist says that to him such questioning is natural, and must be regarded as a wholly justifiable expression of the human soul.
  • That these experiments were justifiable under the circumstances mentioned is, I believe, beyond question.
  • The two cases are precisely parallel, and one is as justifiable as the other, by the law of nations, and of human society as it exists.
  • The indignation I had at different times felt against the overseer at Magnolia was a justifiable thing.
  • They, therefore, thought themselves not justifiable in voting on either side, and asked leave to withdraw from the question; which was given them.
  • Perhaps, unknown to herself, her foreign blood prompted her to that sad Jesuitry which teaches all means are justifiable to the desired end.
  • Whether this transfer of the charter was legally justifiable or not is a question which has been much debated, but with which we need not here vex ourselves.
  • Upon his death-bed, Herkinbald refused to confess this act as a sin, claiming the murder to have been justifiable and a positive virtue.
  • In order to do this Edith had to practise a little fraud on Bruce, a justifiable and quite unselfish one.
  • I considered it a justifiable hypothesis that this strong emotional experience early in life had become the starting point for that secondary absurd thought.
  • Cilley took the justifiable position that his language had been proper and privileged, and that he did not propose to accept a challenge or discuss the matter with any one.
  • The system was right, and nobody could find fault with it; but it did not seem justifiable to bother so many people, so I proceeded no further.
  • It is consequently justifiable to give to the conditions preceding and following the Earth the names of their corresponding representatives in the universe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Justifiable | Justifiable Sentence

  • The verdict was justifiable homicide in self-defense.
  • I never knew a topic so full of justifiable damns.
  • Accidental death, justifiable homicide, and murder.
  • There is no justifiable Christianity in this age.
  • Just are the ways of God, And justifiable to men.
  • It was justifiable to be a dog in the manger under the circumstances.
  • Francesco's eyebrows shot up in justifiable astonishment.
  • Try to define exactly the method of determining justifiable means.
  • When, if ever, is assassination justifiable as a political expedient?

Definition of Justifiable

That can be justified.
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