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How To Use Justified In A Sentence?

  • He was a particularly pretty boy, and she was justified in thinking him rather unusual.
  • Were the stealers and whippers of babes and women the justified children of God?
  • Anger always frightened her, but she felt that Margaret was quite justified in what she said.
  • From what Keith had heard, he felt that he was justified in going to see Mrs. Wentworth.
  • I shouldn't have sent him away, if he had justified himself to me in any degree.
  • It is apparent that we have here the parallelism heretofore spoken of and are justified in basing conclusions on this fact.
  • Your arguments are fashionable enough, but they are too absurd to be justified by anything like reason.
  • This is justified in ordinary forestry practice by the need to get annual income through successive cuttings.
  • From all these details, we may fairly be justified in ascribing this work to about the middle of the sixteenth century.
  • According to the ethics of war was he not fully justified in sacrificing us rather than imperiling the great cause which he had at heart?
  • If found to be justified by the facts, they will furnish some additional aid in the work of deciphering these manuscripts.
  • This principle justified unlimited lying when one's interest or convenience seemed to require it.
  • This arrangement presupposes in them a natural superiority, the right to which we are fully justified in calling upon them to prove.
  • This fear was never greater and more justified than on this occasion; never have the devastating results of invasion been more terrible.
  • I suppose they spoke to me confidentially, and I haven't felt justified in betraying them.
  • Eustace thought Herbert gave himself airs, and more than justified the criticism he had long accorded his portrait.
  • No doubt a justified fear for the mighty, brutal neighbour existed in the popular imagination, and fear may be the father of ill-considered deeds.
  • Henry was chosen, and the measures adopted by him during his reign, and the defeat of the Hungarians, justified the act of his elevation.
  • Or did he see far beyond my scope, so that this petty iniquity was justified by greater, remoter ends of which I had no intimation?
  • But are we therefore justified in saying that ideas are the causes of the great movement of the world rather than the personalities which conceived them?
  • Yet it was by these that the pope declared himself to be perfectly satisfied of the guilt of the order, and justified the rigorous measures which he authorized against it.
  • Where power is valuable and the distance over which it is to be transmitted is great, such high voltages are justified by the economics of the power problem.
  • Or that Mr. Britt fully justified his self-given reputation for absence of mind by neglecting to call for his furniture.
  • It is generally admitted now that the first Session at any rate of the Imperial Council by no means justified any such apprehensions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Justified | Justified Sentence

  • It had been justified then.
  • Yet was she not quite justified in her dismay?
  • His achievement fully justified him.
  • The event justified his confidence.
  • Such arms are justified by violence.
  • I am sure it is not justified by anything they have done.
  • I should not feel justified in intruding upon it.
  • The record of the service fully justified this policy.
  • I had a flash of foresight, well justified in the event.
  • Earth's monotones are justified in this.
  • The result justified his anticipation in the most beautiful manner.
  • It is the realist and not the idealist who is generally justified by events.
  • The person thus addressed justified the question by not answering it.
  • Any one would have been justified in regarding Mulvaney as mad.
  • The risk was justified by the haul, for that night I bagged nine good hares.
  • I didn't feel justified in hunting out the rough places till we had more men.

Definition of Justified

Having a justification. | Of text, arranged on a page or a computer screen such that the left and right ends of all lines within paragraphs are aligned. | simple past tense and past participle of justify
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