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How To Use Justify The In A Sentence?

  • The appearance of the rubber does not justify the assumption that it has been over-smoked.
  • The aspect of the heavens was not such as to justify the wily bishop in refusing.
  • There have been earnest efforts to justify the fateful supineness of our army after this victory.
  • Many and various are the theories by which men have sought to justify the existence of government.
  • Time and fair play alone can justify the motives of those who planned and conducted it.
  • The attitude maintained by the accused seemed to justify the theory of the prosecution.
  • But hitherto nothing has happened to justify the previsions of either lady on this score.
  • He found some small solace in the reflection that he could make the end justify the means.
  • The result seems fully to justify the separation of the two groups as distinct families.
  • It was a loathsome task; but the necessity of the moment seemed to justify the act.
  • Moreover, the information available will not always justify the derivation of a specific task.
  • Gioberti, with evident consciousness of the offence, labours to justify the assumption.
  • If once we begin to justify the means by the end, commercial life is going to suffer.
  • God grant, in all sincerity, that he might come to justify the faith in the dear eyes of her.
  • These considerations seem to justify the practice of Logicians in selecting their examples.
  • But I consider that it has done nothing whatever to justify the attitude of the colonists.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Justify The | Justify The Sentence

  • This is not to justify the morality of hoaxing.
  • The facts do not justify the excuse.
  • The end would justify the means.
  • Nor does his neglect justify the least on my part.
  • As to justify the foliage and the waving flowers above.
  • The results justify the time and effort.
  • And the results attained justify the solicitude displayed.
  • They could see nothing to justify the alarm.
  • I am quite ready to justify the moral point.
  • It was generally easy to make the ends justify the means.
  • In fact, the result seemed to justify the plan.
  • The sale, if it be considered, will justify the publick.
  • He claimed to justify the ways of God to men.
  • There was absolutely no evidence to justify the grim suspicion.
  • Does its actual scope justify the above description, and where is it now?
  • This would justify the tradition that the monument has contained his bones.
  • Sure enough we did not distinguish them, not enough to justify the propaganda.
  • And while he was sorry for the offender, he would never justify the offence.
  • But in my opinion, nothing but a case of life and death can justify the deed.
  • No local practice, however respectable, will justify the attempt.
  • I justify the invading of Belgium on absolute military grounds.
  • Can any government then justify the conduct pursued towards me by Brazil?
  • No political secret could justify the imprisonment or death of a woman!...
  • And on the other hand I do not want to justify the things we have done.
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