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  • Cape after cape jutted out over the abyss.
  • Close by, another wharf jutted out into the bay.
  • Two long dog-tusks jutted from her fleshless mouth.
  • He sat alone now, on a rock that jutted out into the lake.
  • Her eyes jutted back and forth between him and Dearborne.
  • Presently he discovered a log that jutted out over the swift current.
  • He looked at the bare crags which jutted out from the rocks.
  • Arching crags of the ridge-wall jutted out over the cave entrance.
  • A few yards down stream the wall of rock jutted out slightly and then receded.
  • Points of cliffs jutted out; caves and cracks lined the wall.
  • Bisecting the cove, a rugged ledge of rock jutted out into the sea.

How To Use Jutted In A Sentence?

  • Ingolf went out and stood on a high point of land that jutted out into the water.
  • Directly in front of them a spur of the range jutted out to meet the brown foothills.
  • He snatched up the lantern and ran for a point that jutted out in a pebbly cape.
  • As they descended in the swirl, other classes of rich men jutted into strong view.
  • We passed beyond spark-range and splashed out on a sand-bar that jutted from the southern bank.
  • The bank happened to be fairly open, so they quickly reached the point of land that jutted out.
  • His head was thrown back, and his mat of whiskers jutted forward with an air of challenge.
  • Spines and crags of bare rock jutted up, lava-flows like black glaciers twisting among them.
  • The hill from which we were to follow the action jutted out of the mountains into the plain like the bow of a battleship.
  • The cow-stable was beneath that end of the barn which jutted over a hill-side descending to a brook.
  • Here a small peninsula jutted forth from the forest into the lake, which was cleared and under cultivation.
  • Rocks jutted up out of the sides of the hills, and the trees grew in every crevice where earth had gathered.
  • The windows jutted queerly, and odd balconies looped themselves on corners where no one expected them.
  • Three great spikes jutted along the centre crest of the helmet from the frontal section to the hinges of the fall.
  • This was warning enough, and he scurried into the shelter of a huge rock that jutted from the canon wall.
  • Now he turned to the half-right and followed a narrow track across a neck of land that jutted out into the lake.
  • It would seem that the other had been agile enough to clutch hold of a small tree that jutted out from the steep slope.
  • There was a cavernous rock by the seashore, that jutted into the water like a small craggy promontory.
  • He was seated on a part of the rock which jutted out a little lower than her resting-place, and he was so close as to be almost touching her.
  • Pansy found herself in a room that looked more like a sumptuous office than anything else, with a balcony that jutted over the lake.
  • The most lively interest was now excited towards a small rock, which jutted out of the sand a little distance from the wreck.
  • Randy was now paddling straight for a bushy point of land that jutted out from the left shore exactly where the channel made its abrupt bend.
  • He was a miner and his claim lay on a natural bench that jutted out from the sheer wall of a great gulch in the mountains about a mile away.
  • Then they rowed with muffled oars to the shadows of the precipitous cliffs which here jutted into the rolling ocean, and quietly awaited the dawn.
  • He recollected that below the cove the shore had jutted out into a wooded point; he had gathered wood along the edge of it yesterday afternoon.
  • Here at this point a great cape jutted out into the ocean, and around this cape we were accustomed to catch sight of the convoys first.
  • Directly ahead a long concrete pier jutted into the bay and nearby a large yacht and two big amphibians lay at their moorings.
  • Just above, on the flat tombstone that jutted over the ridge, stood a beautiful lady, and looked down on them.
  • Here and there, red and purple flowers jutted from the verdure, bending and nodding like an attentive audience.

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simple past tense and past participle of jut
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