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  • He left with Kathleen when the funeral was over.
  • In a few minutes Kathleen returned.
  • When he was near them Kathleen hurried to him.
  • They were still talking when Kathleen returned.
  • Of them Kathleen took little notice.
  • Room was made for Kathleen in the center of the group.
  • But Kathleen and Phaudhrig they never saw more.
  • Edited with an Introduction by Kathleen Lyttelton.
  • SEE Eldridge, Kathleen Tamagawa.
  • To Kathleen O'Connor Molly confided Cairns' proposal.
  • When Kathleen entered the nurse stole over and looked at him.
  • She put her arm around Kathleen and drew her down on the couch beside her.
  • Denis laughed at the reply, and Kathleen could not forbear from a smile.
  • It is Kathleen O'Connor.
  • Mrs. Quirk fancied it was a bird, but Kathleen rose and slipped out.
  • Holy prayers in a horse's ear, by Kathleen Tamagawa.
  • Mr. Quirk, too, had made Kathleen his secretary and accountant.
  • This was the first male friendship of Kathleen O'Connor.
  • After an hour of waiting Kathleen O'Donnell took the lead.
  • As Kathleen Bell sat down, Malcolm sprang up and held out his hands.
  • One morning Kathleen O'Connor attempted to thank him for his kindness.
  • A hammering at the door prevented Kathleen O'Connor from replying.

How To Use Kathleen In A Sentence?

  • He turned away, leaving Kathleen scarcely able to control her mortification and annoyance.
  • In it he urged Kathleen to join him in Melbourne, but all the desire to do this had now left her.
  • Mrs. Quirk was now so dependent upon her that she must have Kathleen always by her side.
  • On the morning after the dance, Kathleen met Sylvia in a somewhat hostile spirit.
  • As Kathleen stepped from the boat, Tomkins greeted her with applause, seasoned with advice.
  • As they walked side by side Kathleen had the feeling that Mrs. Quirk was close to them.
  • Grumbling and growling, Samuel Quirk followed his wife and Kathleen into the tonneau.
  • After the funeral the question of Kathleen O'Connor's future came up for discussion.
  • Father Healy, with Kathleen and Desmond, knelt on the floor reciting the prayers for the dying.
  • Now, if there was one subject upon which Kathleen felt keenly, it was the virtues of Mrs. Quirk.
  • Mrs. Quirk and Kathleen were easily duped, but she feared the penetration of Denis Quirk.
  • The story came to Kathleen O'Connor's ears, and, curiously enough, she strongly discredited it.
  • When she joined them at lunch Kathleen found the two as full of spirits as if they had been children.
  • With these words he went down the avenue whistling the air of a melody that Kathleen had sung the night before.
  • Never before had he or any man spoken to Kathleen as he did on this night; never had she felt the same strange thrill as now.
  • For her part, Kathleen was beginning to realise that the rough exterior concealed a character truthful, and not ungentle.
  • She shot a quick glance at Kathleen to note the effect of this remark, but Kathleen showed no sign of concern.
  • But, ever since his return from Goldenvale, Kathleen had recognised that the old feeling for him had died out of her heart.

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